Zelinsky on the Donbass front… and a new marching attack on a Russian base

Zelinsky on the Donbass front… and a new marching attack on a Russian base

Zelinsky on the Donbass front… and a new marching attack on a Russian base

Zelinsky on the Donbass front… and a new marching attack on a Russian base

Putin meets with senior “internal security” officials to discuss Ukraine’s attacks

Wednesday – 14 Jumada Al-Awwal 1444 AH – 07 December 2022 AD Issue number [

Zelenskyy with his troops in the Donbass region, which Moscow announced last September would annex (AP)

Kyiv: «Asharq Al-Awsat»

On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy headed to an area near the battle front not far from Bakhmut, the main battlefield in the east of the country where the Ukrainian army has been resisting a Russian attack for months while Ukrainians are suffering still suffering from power outages after a new series of Russian bombing raids on power plants in the country. Zelenskyy’s visit also came at a time when Russia is accusing Ukraine of stepping up attacks with demonstrations at airports inside its territory.
Local officials reported that another Russian airport was attacked by drones on Tuesday, but this time in the Kursk region on the border with Ukraine. Two Russian military airports were attacked by drones on Monday, one in the southern Saratov region and the other in the central Russia city of Ryazan, near the capital Moscow, hundreds of kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Regional governor Roman Starovoit said via the Telegram application that the fire that broke out after the Kursk attack had not yet been brought under control, adding that classes in two schools in the region had been suspended because of the fire . According to local media, a military installation in Baza district was also attacked by drones on Tuesday. Videos from the industrial city of Kursk showed a huge fire in the area of ​​the airport, which is used exclusively for military flights. Meanwhile, the Baza portal reported a drone strike in the Bryansk region, apparently targeting a state holding company with ties to national security.
Russian President Vladimir Putin held discussions with top officials of Russia’s “internal security” on Tuesday after the Kremlin said recent Ukrainian drone strikes posed a threat to the country. The Kremlin said Tuesday that Putin had convened a Security Council meeting to discuss how to ensure the state’s “internal security,” without elaborating. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the authorities would take “necessary” measures to protect the country from Ukrainian attacks. “Of course, the policy that the Ukrainian regime has openly declared to continue such terrorist attacks is a risk factor,” he added in response to a question on drone strikes.
The drone strikes outside Russia’s borders come as the Kremlin continues its campaign to destroy Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, including energy and transportation. Russia yesterday reiterated its view that its attacks were militarily justified. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said they were “massive strikes with high-precision and long-range weapons against the military command system, weapons factories and related objects in order to break Ukraine’s military potential.”
The Russian newspaper Kommersant reported that Ukraine used Tu-141 drones to attack in particular the Engels base, which includes strategic bombers and is located 500 kilometers from the nearest Ukrainian border.
On the ground, the Kremlin is pushing for the full annexation of Ukrainian lands under its control, including with a view to switching the local currency to the Russian ruble. Today, the Russians occupying the Kherson region of Ukraine urged the population to exchange their savings for rubles.
Zelenskyy released three video clips showing him in the Donbass region, which Moscow annexed last September without fully controlling it. “Eastern Ukraine is the most difficult axis (at the front),” Zelenskyy said to the soldiers on the occasion of Armed Forces Day, adding: “Thank you for your steadfastness.” After that, some of the soldiers were decorated. In another video clip in front of the entrance to the city of Sloviansk, the Ukrainian president greeted “everyone who sacrificed their lives for Ukraine.” Not far away, in Donetsk, a pro-Russian stronghold, six civilians were killed in Ukrainian attacks, local authorities said. Zelinsky was only 45 kilometers from Bakhmut, which Russian forces have been attempting to control since the summer, causing massive destruction. But she hasn’t been able to do that so far. Moscow has deployed military personnel to this region, as has the Wagner Group, which recruited ex-prisoners.
Zelenskyi regularly went to areas close to the front, which the Russian president did not do, preferring video conferences from his office or residence. Putin made very few transfers, including his visit to Moscow-annexed Crimea on Monday, where scenes showed him driving a car on a bridge linking the region to Russia, partially damaged in an attack attributed to Moscow in early October Kyiv was destroyed.
And control of Bakhmut, if achieved, will be a success for the Russians, who have suffered a string of defeats since the fall, forcing them to retreat to northeastern Ukraine and its south. Faced with these setbacks, the Russian army has intensified its strikes against Ukrainian power plants since October, leaving most of the civilian population without electricity for all but a few hours a day, depriving them of water and heating even as the winter approaches sub-zero temperatures. And Britain’s Defense Ministry on Tuesday believed that if Kyiv could launch that attack, Moscow should consider it “the most important strategic failure in protecting its forces since the invasion of Ukraine.” The Kremlin continues to claim that it will defeat the Ukrainian resistance, but the past few months have been difficult for the Russian military amid Ukrainians who are enjoying the determination and weaponry of their Western allies.


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