Zelenskyj on “Poland’s Rocket”: I don’t know what happened

Zelenskyj on “Poland’s Rocket”: I don’t know what happened
Zelenskyj on “Poland’s Rocket”: I don’t know what happened

Zelenskyj on “Poland’s Rocket”: I don’t know what happened

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said today Thursday that he “does not know what happened” in Poland, where a rocket landed on Tuesday, killing two people, after confirming it The shell is “Russian”.

“I do not know what happened. We don’t know exactly. The world doesn’t know. But I don’t know,” Zelenskyy said in a statement from the Ukrainian presidency. Pretty sure it’s a Russian missile I’m also sure that we fired from air defense systems.”

“It’s impossible today to confirm anything concrete,” he added in a remark during an economic forum reported in the statement, in response to a question about the incident. He continued: “Only after the investigation can conclusions be drawn” about the source of the shooting.

This The United States and its western allies clashed with Russia In the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday on responsibility for the deadly missile attack in Poland near the Ukrainian border.

The damage caused by the rocket that fell in Poland two days ago

“This tragedy would not have happened without Russia’s needless invasion of Ukraine and its recent missile attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine,” US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield told the Council.

Russia’s representative at the UN, Vassily Nebenzya, responded by accusing Ukraine and Poland of trying to “provoke a direct clash between Russia and NATO.”

Nebenzya cited statements by the Ukrainian president and Polish officials initially blaming Russia for the missile.

But the NATO chief and Poland said on Wednesday there was no indication the attack was a deliberate one, and that it was likely a Soviet-era projectile fired by Ukraine when it struck fended off Russian missiles and drones that destroyed the power grid and hit residential buildings.

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