Zelenskyj accuses again: A Russian missile hit Poland

Zelenskyj accuses again: A Russian missile hit Poland
Zelenskyj accuses again: A Russian missile hit Poland

Zelenskyj accuses again: A Russian missile hit Poland

After denying his country was attacking Polish lands again and blaming Moscow for doing so, the Ukrainian president confirmed Volodymyr Zelenskyy The rocket that hit Poland and killed two people was a Russian one.

Zelenskyi said in a televised address on Wednesday: “I have no doubt that it is not our missile…I think it was a Russian missile based on our military reports.”

Zelenskyy accused Moscow of attacking a farm in Poland yesterday, Tuesday, and considered this behavior a clear message to the G20, “according to France Press”.

On the other hand, a US national security spokeswoman said it was clear that the party responsible for the incident was Russia “regardless of the outcome of the final conclusions”.

The White House declared that Russia was ultimately responsible for the missile, while noting that nothing contradicted the hypothesis that the missile that hit Poland was launched by the Ukrainian defenses.

“Ukrainian Missile”

And Polish President Andrzej Duda announced earlier today that it was “very likely” that Ukraine’s defenses were the source of the missile that landed in Pshevodov, calling the blast unfortunate.

While the Russian Defense Ministry said the wreckage of the missile revealed it belonged to Ukraine’s S300 missile defense system.

From the site of the missile impact in Poland (Reuters)

For its part, France warned against jumping to conclusions about the source of the missile, since determining its type does not necessarily mean determining who fired it, especially since several countries have the same type.

US President Joe Biden also previously clarified that the preliminary information does not indicate that he was fired by Russia.

“Provocation with the goal of escalation”

While Moscow naturally denied attacking Polish lands, it viewed these claims and accusations as “a provocation intended to escalate”.

It is noteworthy that Moscow’s responsibility for this bombardment could lead to the activation of NATO’s collective defense principle known as Article 5, according to which an attack on one member of the coalition is considered an attack on all, and thus could trigger the start of consultations on one possible military response.

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