Yemen..International condemnation of militias targeting international shipping

Yemen..International condemnation of militias targeting international shipping
Yemen..International condemnation of militias targeting international shipping

Yemen..International condemnation of militias targeting international shipping

The European Union Mission to Yemen condemned the Houthi attack on the port of Qena in Shabwa governorate, considering it an “insult” to the principles of the law of the sea and a threat to international shipping.

The United States, United Kingdom and France issued a joint statement condemning the attack, noting that “the Houthis have once again demonstrated their dismal failure to prioritize Yemenis.”

The ambassadors of the three countries called on the Houthi militia to immediately stop these attacks and honor their obligations under international law, and urged them to rejoin international efforts to establish it Peace and long-term stability for all Yemenis.

Meanwhile, Yemeni shipping sources reported that the militias continued to target and threaten international shipping in the Red and Arab Bahrains by targeting the Yemeni coast guards with booby-trapped marches, resulting in three casualties.

She pointed out that complacency with attacks on international ports and shipping emboldened Houthi terrorism to continue shedding Yemeni blood and threatening international interests and energy sources in the region.

This coincides with Houthi statements by the head of the Houthi militia’s so-called military intelligence agency, Abu Ali Al-Hakim, who said they will continue to attack any vessels entering Yemen’s international waters, while Houthi leader Hussein Al- Azi, appointed deputy foreign minister in the unrecognized government of Sana’a, said: “They will continue to launch attacks against those who plunder the people’s wealth, according to his description.

The Houthi leaders’ statements coincided with a statement by Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Abdollahian announcing Iran’s desire to extend the UN ceasefire in Yemen, noting that the UN had been briefed on this position.

On the ground, Yemeni military sources revealed information that the Houthi militias are preparing for massive attacks on the Hajjah, Marib and Al-Jawf fronts and that they have prepared squads of their fighters and various weapons to carry out their plans.

The sources said the militias have recently received shipments of advanced weapons through the port of Hodeidah, including thermal missiles, materials for making mines and explosives, advanced 50-caliber snipers and drones.

In Al-Jawf, Yemeni Army air defenses and resistance managed to put down a booby-trapped Houthi march, the second launched by the militias towards the fronts of the forces in the Al-Alam area between Al-Jawf and Marib became .

Al-Jawf Governorate witnessed violent clashes between the Dhu Muhammad tribes and the Houthi militia in Wadi Al-Madhab, leaving many dead and wounded on both sides.

Tribal sources said the militias bombed the tribes with 13 drones and three ballistic missiles, resulting in civilian deaths and injuries.

She pointed out that the tribes managed to capture a Houthi leader, destroy a number of mechanisms and cut off the militias’ supply and communication routes to their areas.

On the west coast, militias shelled the port of Al-Hima in Al-Khokha district in three marches, resulting in the injury of three Red Sea Coast Guard soldiers.

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