World Cup 2022: Croatia defeats Brazil on penalties and qualifies for the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar

World Cup 2022: Croatia defeats Brazil on penalties and qualifies for the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar

World Cup 2022: Croatia defeats Brazil on penalties and qualifies for the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar

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Croatia qualified for the World Cup semi-finals after beating Brazil on penalties.

After the Brazilian fans waited a few minutes for the end of the second extra time and celebrated qualifying as the Celsao took the lead with Neymar’s goal, Croatia equalized with their only shot on Alisson Becker’s goal.

The game was eventually decided by a penalty shootout, which Croatia won 4-2.

In the details of the game, the start was cautious from Croatia, whose coach described the Brazilian side as “terrifying”.

After goalkeeper Levakovic easily parried a shot from Brazilian Vinicius Jr., Luka Modric’s companions began to control the rhythm of the game for some time and Perezic almost threatened goalkeeper Alisson Becker were it not for the power of Josep Juranovic’s pass , who was most active in the first half.

And when Neymar tried to present a Brazilian look in midfield, Brozovic only found himself pulling him out of the shirt, leaving the Croatian, who plays for Inter Milan, with a yellow card.

In the second half, Celsao tried to present his usual level, but the Croatian national team didn’t give Neymar and his teammates room to move slightly in the second half of the field.

And the keeper single-handedly saved the Croatian from Neymar, who received a perfect pass from colleague Richarlison, who came from the box to help set up the attacks.

And Tite, Brazil manager, pushed Manchester United winger Anthony in place of Rafinha, who was out of shape.

And with Croatia’s continued defensive stability and Brazil’s lack of an offensive solution, Brazil coach Vinicius Junior was ousted and replaced by fellow Real Madrid player Rodrigo.

Moments later, Paqueta had another chance to score, but goalkeeper Levakovic denied it.

Again Neymar met goalkeeper Levakovic but without success.

And dominance turned Brazilian in the last fifteen minutes of the game, thanks to Anthony’s quirks and the offensive roll of Paqueta and Militao, whose shot nearly hit the net before the end of original time.

The game went into two overtimes after the end of the original playing time in a goalless draw.

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Neymar scored Brazil’s goal in a fantastic way

Players’ exhaustion was already noticeable in the first extra time, although Selecao, unaccustomed to extra time, was more willing to decide the game before the penalty shoot-out.

Substitute Bedou tried a scissor stroke, but the ball came too weakly to goalkeeper Levakovic.

And Brozovic almost scored for Croatia after receiving a pass from colleague Petkovic, who deftly dodged the Brazilian defense and passed to his colleague.

Regardless of the Croatian defense, Neymar traded the ball with Lucas Paqueta for goalkeeper Levakovic, dodged him and put the ball in goal in the final minute of first overtime.

Brazil fans cheered in the stands of Education City Stadium after looking forward to Neymar’s goal full of anticipation and tension, while Croatian fans cheered their players’ heroic performance.

The second half of overtime saw a Croatian attack and a Brazilian retreat.

Indeed, the Croatians equalized four minutes before the end of extra time through Petkovic, and that goal came from the first Croatian shot against Alisson Becker of the game.

Once again Levakovic saved his country’s goal from a fatal goal and the game went to penalties.

And the drama continued in the penalty shoot-out as Brazil missed two shots and Croatia scored all of their shots to propel Croatia through to the semis.

Argentina will play the Netherlands later today in a game that brings back many fond memories, across generations.

Among these memories is the goal of Mario Kempes that gave Argentina victory in the 1978 World Cup final when he scored two goals against the Netherlands in the tournament that his country hosted, or the wonderful reception of Dennis Bergkamp, ​​​​the scored a goal against Argentina and qualified for the World Cup 1998 World Cup semi-finals. There is a competitive career, a long time between the two countries, which increases the excitement of the meeting.

This may be the last game in which we see Messi in Argentina’s shirt, considered by many to be the greatest player of all time on an international occasion.

It could also be the last time we see veteran coach Louis van Gaal in the stadiums.

Argentina qualified first for Group C after a sudden loss to Saudi Arabia and then won the round of 16 against Australia by two to one.

The Netherlands progressed through the elimination rounds, leading the first group and then being eliminated by the United States, who won by three goals to one.

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