Why do the Japan national team and their fans clean the dressing rooms and stands after games? Japanese reveal the secret to Al Jazeera Net | Soccer

Why do the Japan national team and their fans clean the dressing rooms and stands after games? Japanese reveal the secret to Al Jazeera Net | Soccer


Why does the Japanese national team clean their dressing room and stands after games, even in the event of a loss, as happened yesterday against Croatia? A question from Al-Jazeera Net to two members of the technical and administrative staff and some fans of the Japan national team to reveal the secrets of these civilized behaviors that non-Japanese don’t have.

In the beginning I met Al-Jazeera Net Kiriyama, the photographer of the Japanese national team after the penalty shoot-out defeat against Croatia, and asked him about the fact that the players clean the dressing rooms after the games, so he confirmed that this happens in all games and stadiums even after the defeat and elimination from the Qatar World Cup final prize, and a group of players and some participate in the cleaning, also members of the technical and administrative staff, indicating that he has participated a lot in the cleaning operation and that he cleans his workplace in the field.

Kiriyama pointed out that even smokers – and he is one of them – respect Japanese hygiene regulations and don’t throw cigarette butts on the street or anywhere else, but make sure the fire is well extinguished and throw them in the trash or keep them there the cigarette case until they find a trash can, and he practically represented that.

Photographers of the Japanese national team Kiriyama (right) and his colleague Kawasaki after the defeat against Croatia (Al-Jazeera)

His colleague Kawasaki, a photographer on the technical and administrative staff of the Japan national team, said: “In our country, all citizens do it. Any drink or food they eat must remove its residue,” noting that players clean their seat, even on the bench.

He added: “There is a saying in Japan: leave the place more beautiful than it was when you arrived.

Kawasaki revealed to Al-Jazeera Net that the Japan national team’s mission at the stadiums at the Radisson Blu hotel where they are staying does what it does as everyone cleans and prepares their room daily, be it players or the technical one staff, and said, “This is our culture, which we grew up with and which we are proud of.”

Japan Island fans
Japanese Muslim Kayoko mediates her son and daughter after the Japan-Croatia game (Al-Jazeera)

“The Japanese apply the morality of Islam”

As for Kayoko, she is a Japanese Muslim who attended the game with her son and daughter and responded to Al-Jazeera Net’s question by saying, “What happened by the fans at the World Cup in Qatar takes place in the daily life in Japan. For example, everyone who eats puts the leftovers in their hands or in their pockets if they can’t find a trash can, and Japan: “There’s no trash on the streets because that’s a common behavior,” which makes a good impression on the Japanese people.

Soccer: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022-Croatia in Japan
A group of Japanese fans clean the stands at Al Janoub stadium after their national team were defeated by Croatia (Reuters)

Kayoko added, “This is the natural behavior of the Japanese, not just at the World Cup in Qatar, and everyone has seen it at all major tournaments for many years, most recently at the World Cup in Russia,” stressing, “That’s the morale of Islam and the Japanese apply them without knowing it.”

Heck, a Japanese journalist covering the Qatar World Cup, said: “Cleanliness is part of our culture and behavior that we teach to children from childhood.

Japan Island fans
Japanese journalist Heck (Al-Jazeera)

As for Japanese fan Heisei, he oversees his personal experience by saying, “Every parent in Japan educates their children on cleanliness from an early age, as they clean their room and the tools they use, and also helps to clean the house well.” , so cleanliness becomes part of his lifestyle naturally and not artificially as some believe.”

Japan Island fans
Japanese Fan Heisei (Al Jazeera)

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