We’re playing against a team, not just a player

We’re playing against a team, not just a player
We’re playing against a team, not just a player

We’re playing against a team, not just a player

Saudi defender Ali Al-Bulayhi stressed that in the expected game tomorrow in the first round of group C competitions of the World Cup in Qatar, his country’s Saudi national team will play against his Argentine counterpart and not against a player.

Al-Bulayhi, speaking to journalists before the start of the training session at Sealine Beach Resort (57km south of Doha), said that the ‘green’ team is ‘ready for the three games, not just the Argentina game’, stressing that that football is played by “11 players against 11”.

He added: “We’re playing against a whole team, not a player and God willing we’re going to show what’s asked of us,” referring to Argentinian star and France’s Paris Saint-Germain Lionel Messi .

When asked about the feeling of the Saudi national team players who played against one of the legends of world football at their last World Cup, the Al-Hilal defender said: “I repeat and say that we are playing against the Argentina national team, not against a player and 11 against 11.”

As for Muhammad Al-Buraik, he in turn confirmed that the Saudi national team had prepared well for their expected title ahead of the “Tango Dancers”, adding: “We look forward to presenting our best level and we have all Skills and our arrival in Qatar confirms that and the Saudi fans will be the team’s first supporters.”

Regarding the morale of the team members and behind it the French coach Herve Renard, he said: “Sure, the administrative and technical staff and all the players are in an enthusiastic atmosphere, especially since there are some players who have previously participated in the last World Cup, in addition to the Players who are going to the finals for the first time.” And that will be a great motivation to play at a high level.”

In addition to Argentina, the group also includes Poland and Mexico.

To view an electronic supplement .. of the World Cup teams, Please click on this link.

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