We are pressuring Iran to stop repressing protesters

We are pressuring Iran to stop repressing protesters
We are pressuring Iran to stop repressing protesters

We are pressuring Iran to stop repressing protesters

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday his country agrees with the US in shifting its focus from relaunching the Iran nuclear deal to supporting the Iranian people in their efforts. They have to face violent repression from Tehran for mass protests.

“We are indeed moving along the same paths,” the spokesman said at a routine government news briefing.

He added, “Currently, our focus is on supporting the Iranian people and putting pressure on the Iranian ruling regime to stop oppressing the rights of its people.”

and revival talks nuclear deal The 2015 deal between Iran and world powers has been deadlocked since September. Western powers have accused Tehran of making illogical demands after it appeared all parties were close to an agreement.

Apply pressure and impose sanctions

Earlier this month, Robert Malley, the US envoy on the Iranian file, said President Joe Biden’s administration would leave the door open to resume diplomacy “when and if” the time is right, but now Washington will Continue the policy of imposing, apply sanctions and pressure.

The European Union, United States, Canada and Britain also imposed sanctions on Iran for human rights abuses in the country.

On the arrest and persecution of protesters in Tehran (AFP)

wide mobility

The broad movement that erupted after the killing of young woman Mahsa Amini continued in mid-September after she was arrested by the religious police despite violent repression by the security forces.

Her death has since sparked anger over several issues, including the restrictions on personal freedoms and strict rules regarding women’s dress, as well as the vital and economic crisis that Iranians are suffering, not to mention the regime’s strict laws and its politics and religious composition in general.

Meanwhile, the security forces used violence against the demonstrators, killing dozens and arresting hundreds.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (Hrana) announced that about 400 protesters were killed, including 47 minors.

At least 14,170 people, including 392 students, were arrested in the protests, which took place in 136 cities and towns and 134 universities.

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