We are making no progress on the Iran nuclear dossier

We are making no progress on the Iran nuclear dossier
We are making no progress on the Iran nuclear dossier

We are making no progress on the Iran nuclear dossier

Following the announcement by the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, Mohammad Eslami, The absence of a visit by the International Atomic Energy Agency to IranIts Director General, Rafael Grossi, confirmed that the agency has not been informed of any decision to cancel the visit.

Today, Wednesday, Grossi urged the Iranian side to provide more clarity, noting that canceling the visit would aggravate the situation, meaning no progress will be made, according to the Al-Arabiya/Al correspondent -Hadath.

He also said investigations into three top-secret Iranian sites will not be dropped unless the agency receives replies, with or without a decision.

In addition, he stressed that Tehran’s nuclear program continues to advance, making it even more important for the agency’s cooperation with him.

“Disagree with Tehran”

He added that there was strong political support for the agency’s work in Iran, but noted that no agreement had yet been reached with Tehran and stressed the need to continue diplomatic work.

He also said that “it is in Iran’s interest to work with the International Atomic Energy Agency and there is no political rationale for our work,” adding, “The issue has nothing to do with politicization, Iran must have its own.” Fulfilling obligations and cooperating to restore trust.” He made it clear that cooperation with Iran is not possible without timetables, noting that this cannot go on forever.

Visit Iran

The head of Iran’s Energy Organization announced earlier today that a visit by the United Nations International Agency to his country is not on the agenda.

While the IAEA delegation was due to visit Tehran later this month to make progress on the ongoing investigation into the presence of nuclear material in three locations.

Natanz uranium enrichment plant (Reuters archives)

Last June, the agency’s board of governors passed a resolution criticizing Iran for its lack of cooperation on the matter, to which Tehran responded by halting work with a number of the agency’s surveillance cameras at its facilities.

uranium stocks

The agency’s most recent report, dated 10th this month, indicates that Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium has declined slightly, having fallen some 267 kilograms to an estimated 3673.7 kilograms, but still well above the 202.8 kilograms that were allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal. , according to Reuters.

While he pointed out that his stock of enriched uranium was 60 percent pure, which is close to weapons-making levels of about 90 percent, it increased by about 6.7 kilograms to more than 62 kilograms. With increased enrichment, this is quite sufficient to produce a nuclear bomb.

It is noteworthy that talks to revive the nuclear agreement, which had stalled since the US left the country in 2018, began in April last year, but despite long rounds of negotiations they have not led to any result. Especially since the question of investigating these three sites is still pending with the IAEA, which has repeatedly confirmed in all its regular reports that the Iranian authorities have not given a definitive answer to this question.

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