Washington is leading a movement against us in the IAEA

Washington is leading a movement against us in the IAEA
Washington is leading a movement against us in the IAEA

Washington is leading a movement against us in the IAEA

after confirmation International Atomic Energy Agency In its latest report on Tehran’s non-cooperation, Iran’s foreign ministry accused Washington and Western countries of influencing the UN agency’s decision.

Nasser Kanaani, spokesman for the ministry, said in a press conference on Monday that the latest decision by the IAEA Board of Governors regarding his country was “political” as it was “due to pressure from major countries,” referring to the United States and European countries.

appropriate rejection

He also indicated that his country would take the appropriate stance to respond to the agency’s decision.

In addition, he claimed that the IAEA was aware of his country’s nuclear program, which is the opposite of what was confirmed by its previous reports and the statements of its director, Rafael Grossi.

As for the human rights records in his country, he said the West must not exploit them “to achieve its goals”. Kanaani believed that “these countries are using the human rights issue for political purposes and will not achieve results…” as he put it.

Iranian flag in front of the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna (Archive – Reuters)

no cooperation

It is noteworthy that last week the Nuclear Authority’s Board of Governors adopted a resolution emphasizing that Iran must meet the safeguards obligations stipulated in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and take concrete measures immediately, and condemned the lack of cooperation that appeared in the last period.

This decision, which is the second this year after another one last June (2022), was adopted by 26 out of 35 Member States of the Agency.

Despite its partly positive, partly negative statements, Tehran had for several months refrained from participating in an investigation by IAEA inspectors at 3 nuclear sites, in which traces of uranium were found that it had not previously declared.

This dossier influenced, among other issues, the months-long talks in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal.

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