Twins born from frozen embryos 30 years ago

Twins born from frozen embryos 30 years ago
Twins born from frozen embryos 30 years ago

Twins born from frozen embryos 30 years ago

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Twins were born in Tennessee, USA after their embryos were frozen for 30 years.

This is believed to be the longest period of embryo freezing that results in the birth of a normal child. The embryos have been preserved in liquid nitrogen since April 22, 1992.

Rachel Regway, mother of four, gave birth to the twins on October 31. The father, Philip Regoy, said it was confusing.

Lydia Ann and Timothy Ronald Ridgway have set a new precedent, according to the National Embryo Donation Center, a private organization that says it has helped deliver more than 1,200 babies with parent-donated embryos.

And in 2020, a child was born from an embryo that had been frozen for almost 27 years.

John David Gordon, who performed the embryo transfer, said, “The decision … to adopt the twins should put some mind at ease for those wondering whether someone will adopt embryos conceived 5, 10 or 20 years ago.”

The two fetuses belong to an undisclosed man and woman who used artificial insemination, and the man was fifty and the woman with the egg was thirty-four.

He kept the two embryos in a fertilization laboratory until 2007, when the couple donated them to another couple.

Embryologists from the National Embryo Donation Association transferred the embryos to the host mother’s uterus earlier this year.

The association said in a statement it hoped this news would encourage others to adopt embryos.

“I was five when God gave birth to Lydia and Timothy and He has protected them from that moment to this day,” the husband, Regway, told CNN.

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