Turkey unleashes the “clawed sword” against the “SDF” and “Kurdistan” in northern Syria and Iraq

Turkey unleashes the “clawed sword” against the “SDF” and “Kurdistan” in northern Syria and Iraq
Turkey unleashes the “clawed sword” against the “SDF” and “Kurdistan” in northern Syria and Iraq

Turkey unleashes the “clawed sword” against the “SDF” and “Kurdistan” in northern Syria and Iraq

Turkey unleashes the “clawed sword” against the “SDF” and “Kurdistan” in northern Syria and Iraq

In response to the Istanbul bombing that involved 50 warplanes and 20 drones… and left dozens dead, including members of the Assad regime

Monday – 27 Rabi` al-Thani 1444 AH – November 21, 2022 AD Issue number [

One of the Turkish F-16s that took part in the operation (AFP)

Ankara: Saeed Abdel Razek

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, Turkey launched an air operation in northern Syria and northern Iraq, targeting the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) locations in Aleppo, northern Raqqa and Hasakah, mainly targeting the city of Ayn al-Arab concentrated ( Kobani) as well as the locations of the “PKK” in northern Syria, Iraq.
The military operation, which Turkey’s Defense Ministry dubbed “Claw – Sword” in a statement Sunday, came in response to the “Istiklal Street” bombing in the Taksim district of Istanbul on Sunday, November 13 was carried out by a Syrian named Ahlam al-Bashir, which was planned and carried out by several Syrians who received logistical support from some Turks. Turkey attributed it to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and its Syrian arm, the Kurdish People’s Defense Units, the largest components of the SDF.
Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said in statements (Sunday) from the Turkish Air Force’s operations room that “the terrorists’ hideouts in the (claw-and-sword) airborne operation in northern Syria and Iraq were destroyed and hit directly at the organization’s so-called headquarters.” (PKK) and the (Kurdish People’s Defense Units) terrorists.
Akar and the commanders of the Turkish Armed Forces spent Sunday night at the operations center and the fighters involved in the operation took off from their positions with instructions to begin the operation after midnight on Saturday and returned to their bases “after scoring direct hits.” on the targets.” In the end, Akar radioed the participating pilots and the Air Force Combat Command Operations Center and congratulated the participating service members, saying: “You have successfully completed the operation (Claw – Sword) … We are proud of you and congratulations from the bottom of our hearts… Our goal is to ensure the security of our 85 million citizens, our borders and the response to any treacherous attack on our country.
The Turkish minister pointed out that “the operation against the terrorist strongholds in northern Syria and Iraq was meticulously planned and successfully completed, taking all necessary measures to avoid harming innocent people and the environment, like other operations of the Turkish Armed Forces .”
And he continued: “The terrorists’ dens, shelters, dens, tunnels and warehouses were destroyed with great success, and direct hits were made in the so-called headquarters of the terrorist organization.
Akar said: “We are determined to rid our country and nation of the scourge of terrorism that has lasted for 40 years and we have the capability to do so…Turkey has not and will not let its blood flow with the martyrs and innocents being ravaged at any time.” … We will continue to hold accountable those who targeted the security of our country and our nation as we held them accountable before.” To this day… we will end terrorism until the last terrorist is left neutralized.”
And Turkey’s Defense Ministry announced early Sunday in a statement that its armed forces launched the “claw sword” air operation “against terrorist sites in northern Syria and Iraq on the basis of Article (51) of the United Nations Charter, which legitimate right to self-defense.”
The statement said: “The operation aims to ensure border security, prevent terrorist attacks on the Turkish people and security forces, and eradicate terrorism at its roots by using terrorist organizations such as (PKK) and (Kurdish entities) and others be neutralized.”
Military sources said that the Turkish army “destroyed terrorist bases as a result of the air operation in northern Iraq and Syria, and more than 50 warplanes and 20 drones participated in the operation.” Turkish artillery also attacked the (PKK) bases.”
The “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” reported that 15 members of the “SDF” and the Syrian regime’s forces were killed and 30 others were injured, 9 by the “SDF” members and 6 by the regime’s forces. He pointed out that 7 members of “SDF” were killed by Turkish air strikes on Mount Kara Jokh in Al-Malikiyah (Derik) countryside in Al-Hasakah governorate and 2 by bombing raids on Dahr al-Arab village in Al-Hasakah governorate. Hasakah were killed Western countryside of Darbasiyah, also within Al-Hasakah governorate, while 4 regime soldiers were killed by airstrikes. northwest of Al-Hasakah, and 2 targeted a military base in the village of Qazali in the Tal Abyad countryside, north of Raqqa.
The Turkish airstrikes targeted the area of ​​Jabal Mashtanour, the government district, and the area surrounding the village of Alishar in the Ain al-Arab (Kobani) countryside, as well as the areas of al-Baylouna, Maraanaz and Ain Digna in the northern Aleppo countryside. An airstrike was carried out on a Syrian regime point near Tal Rifaat district. Turkish warplanes launched more than 25 night air raids on these areas.
At the same time, on Sunday morning, Turkish forces renewed their ground bombing of locations in the Jabal Mashtanour area in the Ain al-Arab (Kobani) countryside, where a Russian military base is located.
In connection with the attacks in Syria, Turkish warplanes and armed drones launched large-scale attacks against the “PKK” targets in the Qandil Mountains, Sinjar and various other areas.
At the start of the operation, the Turkish Defense Ministry wrote on its Twitter account: “The time of reckoning” is attached to a picture of a fighter taking off for a night attack in northern Syria. And she added: “The rogues will pay the price for their insidious attacks,” referring to the explosive device that detonated on Istiklal Street last Sunday and is obliterated by precise blows.”
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) accused Turkey of “carrying out a massacre of civilians in Hasakah”. Farhad Shami, director of the media center of the SDF, said on Twitter: “The (Turkish-occupied) warplanes bombed the village of Al-Baloniyah, which was crowded with the displaced people of Afrin, who were forcibly evicted in 2018… The bombing also targeted the village of Dahir Al-Arab inhabited by the displaced people of Ras Al-Ain in north-west Hasakah who were forcibly evicted due to the Turkish occupation in 2019.
And the “Anti-Terrorism Service” in the Kurdistan Region announced that during the airstrikes fighters of the “Kurdish Units” in Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo in northern Syria, as well as fighters of the “PKK” in northern Iraq killed 32 members of the two organizations .


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