Turkey launches air strikes on Kurdish targets in Iraq and Syria

Turkey launches air strikes on Kurdish targets in Iraq and Syria
Turkey launches air strikes on Kurdish targets in Iraq and Syria

Turkey launches air strikes on Kurdish targets in Iraq and Syria


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The Turkish Defense Ministry posted a picture of a fighter on Twitter and commented on it with the words: “The hour of reckoning has come.”

Turkey launched air strikes on targets allegedly owned by Kurdish militias in Iraq and Syria a week after the Istanbul bombing that Turkey accused the “PKK” of carrying out.

Turkey’s Defense Ministry said the raids, dubbed Operation Claw-Sword, “targeted Kurdish bases used for attacks on Turkey”.

A Syrian Kurdish spokesman said the Turkish raids “hit two villages inhabited by civilians displaced from other regions”.

Turkey’s banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has denied any connection to the Istanbul attack that killed six people.

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced the attacks, tweeting “The hour of reckoning has come” as the raids began, and published a picture of a fighter plane taking off and footage of an explosion.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said: “The terrorists’ shelters, hideouts, caves, tunnels and warehouses were successfully destroyed.”

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in northern and eastern Syria said the town of Ain al-Arab-Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border and two densely populated villages had been bombed. Unconfirmed reports point to a number of casualties.

It was not clear what targets Turkey was bombing in Iraq.

The raids come a week after a bomb attack on one of Istanbul’s busiest streets that killed six and wounded more than 80.

The Turkish authorities blamed the bombing on the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) armed group, which Turkey, the European Union and the United States consider a terrorist organization.

But the group said it “did not directly target civilians” and denied responsibility for the attack.

Turkish authorities arrested dozens of people saying they were linked to the attack, including a Syrian woman who said she planted the bomb.

Before the arrest, Turkey’s justice minister said a bag exploded near a bank after a woman sat there for forty minutes.

Bulgarian authorities have charged five people with the attack, according to Agence France-Presse.

Militant Kurds have been fighting for autonomy in southeastern Turkey for decades.

In recent years, Turkey has conducted a series of cross-border operations against Kurdish groups based in northern Iraq and Syria, saying it is defending itself and preventing possible attacks on its territory.

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The arrest of a Syrian suspect in the Turkish bombing of Istanbul

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