Turkey launches air offensive against Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq

Turkey launches air offensive against Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq
Turkey launches air offensive against Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq

Turkey launches air offensive against Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq

Ankara on Sunday morning announced the launch of a military air operation against Kurdish militants in Syria and Iraq, a week after the bloody attack in Istanbul, accusing both the PKK and Kurdish forces in Syria of being behind it.

The raids took place even though the PKK and the Syrian Democratic Forces, which has Kurdish forces as its backbone and is backed by Washington, have denied any connection to last Sunday’s explosives detonation in Istanbul, which killed six people and wounded 81 others .

And from Saturday to Sunday at midnight, Turkish warplanes launched dozens of airstrikes for several hours on areas under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, whose backbone are the Kurdish People’s Defense Units, in the governorates of Aleppo (north) and Al-Hasakah (northeast), mainly the city of Kobani (Ain Al-Arab), border with Turkey.

On Sunday, Turkey’s Defense Ministry announced the launch of the “Claw Sword” air operation “aimed at eliminating terrorist attacks from northern Iraq and Syria, ensuring border security and eliminating terrorism at its source.”

And at night, Turkey’s Defense Ministry posted an image of a fighter taking off for a night attack on its Twitter account, adding the phrase “The hour of reckoning is ticking” to the image.

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced on Sunday that 89 targets, including shelters and ammunition depots, had been destroyed in airstrikes on Kurdish militia bases in northern Iraq and northern Syria.
It added that the attacks targeted Qandil, Asos and Hakurk in Iraq, and Kobani, Tal Refaat, Al-Jazeera and Derik in northern Syria.

The Turkish strikes, which lasted until the early hours of the morning, mainly targeted the town of Kobani and its surroundings (north), grain silos in the western countryside of Al-Malikiyah and a power plant in the southern countryside (northeast).

The bombing also targeted points and locations where Syrian forces are stationed, according to the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

According to the Observatory, eleven members of the Syrian Democratic Forces and ten members of the Syrian Armed Forces were killed in the bombing.

In the first comment from Damascus on the raids, the Syrian Defense Ministry announced: “The rise of a number of soldiers as a result of the Turkish attacks on the Syrian territories in the northern Aleppo countryside and the Hasakah countryside at dawn today”, without the number of indicate fatalities.

The Turkish attacks in Iraq did not result in civilian deaths, according to an official in Iraqi Kurdistan, explaining that the bombing targeted at least eight areas where there are PKK bases in Sinjar and the Qandil Mountains, where the Workers’ Party’s largest bases are located In addition to Rawanduz, Asus and Soran, there are also Rania, Gildz and Bradost.

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