Turkey is preparing for a ground attack and has informed its factions to prepare

Turkey is preparing for a ground attack and has informed its factions to prepare

Turkey is preparing for a ground attack and has informed its factions to prepare

All but Russian and American efforts In a bid to calm the Syrian-Turkish border and deter Ankara from launching a new ground operation in northern Syria against US-backed Kurdish forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) appear to be preparing for the worst.

SDF commander Mazloum Abdi warned in a press conference on Saturday that Turkey was preparing for fresh attacks and a ground incursion, adding that it had informed the Syrian factions loyal to it to prepare and participate.

However, he stressed that his forces “stand ready to repel any ground attack and defend the area and its residents” after temporarily halting operations against ISIS.

Too few international positions

At the same time, he emphasized that while the Turkish attacks were opposed internationally, these positions were not enough to stop them.

He also accused Ankara of trying to occupy Syrian lands and urged Arab countries to take a firm position on the matter.

In addition, he announced that 14 civilians and 16 military personnel were killed and infrastructure was badly damaged in the past Turkish attacks.

In conclusion, he stressed that the Turkish authorities used the Istanbul attack as a pretext to launch their military operations.

Yesterday, the US envoy to the region, Nicholas Granger, confirmed to Al-Arabiya that his country had not given permission for Ankara to launch its military operation.

Moscow also condemned this Turkish military escalation in northern Syria.

Syrian Democratic Forces (AFP)

Operation “Claw – Sword”

While Turkey reaffirmed that its military operations will continue in northern Iraq and Syria against Kurdish forces, which it describes as terrorist. Defense Minister Hulusi Akar announced that the “claw sword” operation launched by his country last Sunday would continue on land and in the air until the “terrorist threat” ceases.

Since last Sunday, Ankara has launched a series of airstrikes and continuous artillery shelling against PKK and Kurdish People’s Defense Unit locations in northern Iraq and Syria after accusing them of detonating an explosive device in Istanbul on November 13 that killed six people and 81 were wounded.

It is noteworthy that Turkey has launched three military operations in northern Syria in recent years and has created, supported and formed armed Syrian factions very loyal to it in the region.

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