Turkey bombs sites in Syria and Iraq and the Syrian army is killed

Turkey bombs sites in Syria and Iraq and the Syrian army is killed
Turkey bombs sites in Syria and Iraq and the Syrian army is killed

Turkey bombs sites in Syria and Iraq and the Syrian army is killed

Yesterday, Turkey’s Defense Ministry announced the launch of airstrikes in northern Syria and Iraq targeting Kurdish groups Ankara blames for last week’s attack in Istanbul, while the Syrian army is admitting the dead in its ranks as a result of Turkey’s were strikes.

Turkey’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that its fighter planes had attacked bases of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Syrian Kurdish People’s Defense Units, attaching images of F-16 fighters and drones conducting strikes and confirming that 89 targets, including Ammunition shelters and warehouses destroyed in airstrikes on Kurdish militia bases in northern Iraq and northern Syria.

She added that the attacks targeted Qandil, Asus and Hakurk in Iraq, as well as Kobani, Tal Refaat, Al-Jazeera and Derik in northern Syria, stating that “the so-called leaders of the terrorist organization were among those who were neutralized. “

The ministry cited Turkey’s right to self-defense under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter as it launched an operation dubbed “Claw Sword” targeting areas “used by terrorists as a base to attack Turkey.” .

Turkey said it is trying to prevent attacks against it, secure its southern borders and crush terrorism at its source. The airstrikes came after a bomb went off on November 13 on a busy street in the heart of Istanbul, killing six people and injuring more than 80 others attack but the two groups denied any role in the blast.

After the airstrikes, the Turkish Defense Ministry released a picture of an F-16 fighter jet with the words: “Time to react! The bastards will be held accountable for their treacherous attacks.” According to Turkey’s private news agency Dogan (DHA), “F-16” planes took off from runways in the southern Turkish cities of Malatya and Diyarbakir, while drones took off from the city of Batman. Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar monitored the airstrikes from an operations center, congratulated the pilots and soldiers working on the ground and said in a video clip released by Turkey’s Defense Ministry: “Our goal is to keep 85 million citizens safe, secure our borders.” and respond to any treacherous attack on our country.”

The airstrikes targeted Kobani (Ayn al-Arab), a strategic Kurdish-majority Syrian town near the Turkish border. Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesman Farhad Shami tweeted that two villages with displaced people overcrowded in them were subjected to Turkish bombing raids, resulting in deaths and injuries.

And the Syrian Defense Ministry announced the death of the Syrian army as a result of Turkish attacks targeting the border areas in the north and north-east of the country at dawn, and a Syrian military source said a number of soldiers were killed as a result of the Turkish attacks on the Syrian areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo and the countryside of Hasakah.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces said in a statement that Turkish warplanes had bombed several areas they controlled in northern Syria and that they would respond “at the right time and place,” indicated that Turkish airstrikes on Kurdish sites in northeastern Syria at least 31 people were killed.

In Iraq, the Turkish attacks resulted in no civilian deaths, according to an official in Iraqi Kurdistan, who explained that the bombing targeted at least eight areas where there are PKK bases, Sinjar and the Qandil Mountains, where the largest PKK are located -Bases are located. in addition to Rawanduz and Usos as well as Soran and Rania and Kaldz and Bradost.

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