Through the Eye of a Needle Nativity Scene in Birmingham

Through the Eye of a Needle Nativity Scene in Birmingham

Through the Eye of a Needle Nativity Scene in Birmingham

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A picture of Christ’s cradle was displayed, which is believed to be the smallest in the world depicting a manger.

The image was hand etched into a tiny gold surface within the needle by meticulous etcher Graham Short.

The artist had drawn an image of Queen Elizabeth on the head of a pin and it sold for £100,000.

Visitors to the Christmas Carnival at St Lawrence’s Church in Northfield, Birmingham, can view the artwork through a microscope.

Short said his shop is the smallest in the world.

He added that he uses a powerful medical microscope and takes medication that helps lower his heart rate to perform those feats.

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The artist said he literally works between two heartbeats

“In fact, I dig between two heartbeats,” he said.

Short explained that every three months he injects a special substance into his eye area to keep nerves and muscles from getting in the way of his work.

“I know this is extreme behavior,” he said, adding that his work has impressed and surprised viewers.

“When you look through the microscope lens, you don’t believe what you see. Their reactions are always positive,” he explained.

Rev. Janet Chapman said the artwork is part of Christmas displays from around the world.

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The exhibition is very popular, which is why the church decided to visit it again next Saturday.

“We were overwhelmed by the excitement the work generated,” the chaplain said.

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