There is the possibility of a framework agreement with the army

There is the possibility of a framework agreement with the army
There is the possibility of a framework agreement with the army

There is the possibility of a framework agreement with the army

Approved The forces of freedom and change In Sudan, there is a possibility for a framework agreement with the Sudanese army, noting the start of a second phase of talks on the issue of transitional justice in the country.

Sudanese military sources told Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath that there is no deal with freedom and change, but rather agreements and outstanding issues.

The Central Council of the Alliance for Freedom and Change held a press conference after the conclusion of its session today, Wednesday, to discuss the military component’s observations on the draft interim constitution and the negotiating framework for the political process.

While Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath sources revealed the coalition meeting approved its action plan to reach a framework agreement on the issues agreed in the draft interim constitution.

The sources indicated that the coalition decided to postpone the outstanding issues for further consultations to be agreed with stakeholders, provided that the final agreement is signed after the consultations are completed.

A two-stage political process

The main outstanding issues are the transitional justice process, the security and military reform process and the peace process.

For his part, War and Change/Central Council Chairman Yasser Arman said an opportunity to end the status quo is on the horizon.

He added that the political process is now possible because there is an agreed document indicating that the political process will consist of two parts.

The first is a framework agreement and the second phase will address four issues involving stakeholders.

Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo Hamidti

He also stressed that they were open to the forces of the revolution and indicated that they would sign a final agreement only after consulting stakeholders.

In parallel, Reuters quoted the Freedom Forces Coalition as saying the army had agreed that “the cabinet should be entirely civilian.”

consensus between the political parties

Vice-President of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, confirmed earlier today that the Council maintains consensus among Sudan’s political parties and underlined the Sudanese Sovereignty Council’s desire to reach an agreement to complete the transition period and hold elections.

In a statement issued by the Council, Daglo quoted at a meeting with Commissioner Volker Türk that the protection of civilians and respect for their fundamental rights are at the forefront of the state’s priorities, and called on international institutions to strengthen the mechanisms of cooperation and coordination with the Strengthening the civilian population The Sudanese government should contribute to the voluntary return of displaced persons to their areas of origin.

On the other hand, Türk reiterated that he would “provide all support for the success of the political process, which is a Sudanese matter.”

Optimism to solve the political impasse

It is noteworthy that in recent weeks an optimistic atmosphere regarding the impending solution after more than a year of the political impasse that has dominated the country has been expressed by the UN envoy Volker Peretz as well as the head of the Sovereignty Council and the commander of the armed forces Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, despite some statements of dissent emanating from some leaders of the Forces for Freedom and Change, the main component of the civilian opposition.

There is the possibility of a framework agreement with the army

The tripartite mechanism of the United Nations, the African Union and the IGAD (from the UN mission’s Twitter account)

Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world, has been mired in political and economic stagnation since October 25, 2021, when the army imposed extraordinary measures and dissolved the previous government, despite all international efforts to launch dialogue meetings that led to a Solution between civilians and the military.

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