There is no place for political violence in the United States

There is no place for political violence in the United States

There is no place for political violence in the United States

Two years after the Capitol attack, US President Joe Biden stressed that there is no place for political violence in the United States and honored police officers who faced an angry crowd on the day of the Capitol attack in 2021 former Republican President Donald Trump, while Republican Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Biden added, “We must say clearly and with one voice that there is no place in America to intimidate voters. There is no place at all for political violence, America is a land of law, not a land of chaos.” He saluted those who described them as the wonderful group of American citizens he honored and awarded 14 people a Presidential Medal for the day before last night Citizenship, which is among the highest American civilian honors. .

Biden honored security personnel whose faces have become familiar to Americans from the dizzying footage of the attack on the Capitol or from their remarkable testimonies into those events before the House Committee of Inquiry, as well as officials tasked with overseeing election operations in several different states and resisted pressure and threats to force her to change the outcome of the vote.

In addition, Republican Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives yesterday, ending a mechanism that brought severe tensions to its close within the Republican Party ranks, while President Joe Biden congratulated him and urged him to govern responsibly.

After tough negotiations, the group of lawmakers who supported former President Donald Trump and obstructed his election gave way. And in doing so, ended a state of chaos not seen by Congress in more than 160 years.

Biden said in a statement, “I stand ready to work with Republicans if possible, and voters have made it clear that they are waiting for Republicans to be willing to work with me and that the time has come, responsibly.” to rule.”

And tensions continued in Parliament after American lawmakers failed to elect their president in 14 ballots, wreaking havoc in Parliament.

Immediately after his 14th term defeat, McCarthy, a California congressman, pointed the finger at a group of Republican congressmen who support Trump and are obstructing his election.

Pro-Trump lawmakers used the narrow majority won by the Republican Party in last November’s midterm elections to impose their terms, and only agreed after receiving basic guarantees, particularly a measure aimed specifically at Facilitate the overthrow of the Republicans Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Kevin McCarthy was elected to succeed Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi in office on the 15th ballot.

High on the agenda for the next few months are negotiations on raising the US government debt ceiling, state funding and possibly the release of additional financial packages for the war in Ukraine.

And with their new control of the House of Representatives, Republicans have also pledged to launch investigations into Joe Biden’s handling of the pandemic and the withdrawal from Afghanistan, among other things.

“Now is the time to scrutinize the President’s policies,” said Parliament’s Kevin McCarthy.

And after his party has failed to control both houses of Congress, as it has since taking office in January 2021, the US President can no longer hope to pass big laws, despite a slim majority in the Senate, but with the Senate the Republicans cannot hold the hands of the Democrats.


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