The UAE makes the “zero” carbon neutrality decision for the aviation sector

The UAE makes the “zero” carbon neutrality decision for the aviation sector
The UAE makes the “zero” carbon neutrality decision for the aviation sector

The UAE makes the “zero” carbon neutrality decision for the aviation sector

The UAE, represented by the General Civil Aviation Authority, has announced the adoption of a carbon neutrality decision for the country’s national aviation sector to become the first aviation sector in the region to take a decision on its zero carbon neutrality commitment, making it the first country-level sector to adopt an integrated commitment in this direction.
This decision will pave the way for all other relevant sectors to work on developing their own necessary strategy and plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

In the next phase, the aviation sector carbon neutrality team will work to develop an integrated methodology and action plan to start implementing the decision and set all related priorities, and to integrate the aviation sector and its achievements into the agenda and work program for the accommodate hospitality.

Economy Minister and Chief Executive of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Abdullah bin Touq Al-Marri, said: “We are proud of the decision to become carbon neutral for aviation, which is the first in the region, as well as the first sector in the country to be commitment to this ambitious goal.”
He stressed that the decision is in line with the leadership’s vision to place the agenda on environmental sustainability and the impact of climate change at the top of its priorities, and a confirmation of the country’s seriousness and commitment to making progress in various key economic sectors achieve the ambitious global goal of reducing CO2 emissions and in line with the country’s goals and vision to host the “COP 28”, which will be an important station for the development of economically innovative solutions to promote climate protection.

For his part, Director-General of the General Authority for Civil Aviation Saif Muhammad Al-Suwaidi said that the adoption of the decision reflects the state’s commitment to the implementation of its environmental and climate agenda and its support for the global agenda in this regard, its seriousness in reducing carbon emissions and the launch of future initiatives and strategies to this end. It also confirms the level of collaboration and partnership between all strategic partners in the aviation sector to work together to sustain the growth of the sector and give the state an image of honor as well as its proactive approach in tackling the effects of climate change.
He stressed that the UAE continues to play a leading role in the environmental agenda at the regional level and is a leading role model.
In 2021, as the first country in the Middle East to announce this type of initiative, the UAE announced its aspiration to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and set out a roadmap for an integrated approach to achieve sustainable economic development that integrates actions for the climate and represents commitment to the goals of the Paris Agreement. It represents a regional and global catalyst and catalyst to increase climate ambition.

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