The UAE is a global player in the hydrogen market

The UAE is a global player in the hydrogen market
The UAE is a global player in the hydrogen market

The UAE is a global player in the hydrogen market

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The UAE has achieved tremendous success that has allowed it to be among the world’s largest in the green hydrogen market and the low-carbon hydrogen (green hydrogen) industry has dominated discussions of the technical sessions at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference ADIPEC last week, which was attended by experts and officials from 160 countries, shared their visions on the key investments, strategies and innovations in the energy sector and the global hydrogen market, especially after the country announced a roadmap outlining the way forward paves the way for leading the sector and offering proactive solutions to climate change challenges.

A study by the Dubai Future Foundation entitled “Hydrogen from Imagination to Reality” in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority showed the promising potential of hydrogen as a sustainable source for energy production, its main current and future applications and methods, its production, storage and use, in addition to its positive impact on protecting the environment and reducing the risks of climate change, given the noticeable increase in demand for hydrogen in recent years. She pointed to the importance of the economic benefits of building a strong export market for locally produced hydrogen in the UAE, following the strategy of developing the “produced and concentrated” export sector, which can contribute about 32 billion dirhams to the UAE’s GDP annually Emirate of Dubai by 2050 and provide more than 120,000 contracted jobs. The next three will equate to 84 days of annual crude oil production in the country by 2050, in addition to reducing carbon emissions.

The study stressed the importance of preparing integrated future strategies in the UAE for hydrogen production and use that will positively impact on increasing clean and renewable energy production, reducing CO2 emissions in heavy industry and supporting transport, aviation, shipping and other energy-intensive sectors.

real optimism

His Excellency Ing. Owaida Murshid Al Marar, Head of the Department of Energy in Abu Dhabi, believes that green hydrogen and other low-carbon hydrogen are an exciting development in the clean energy field and offer great potential in this regard.

He told Al Bayan: “The UAE has ambitious plans to reduce carbon emissions and there is real optimism about the ability of hydrogen to help meet the carbon emission reduction targets.”

He added: “The country can benefit from investing in hydrogen not only from an environmental perspective, but also from an economic and social perspective, as locally produced hydrogen acts as an engine for innovation and economic efficiency, offering the opportunity to eliminate carbon emissions and boost the economy to diversify in the coming years.”

seize opportunities

“We conducted a multi-criteria assessment, taking into account economic, environmental, political and technical factors, and concluded that the UAE is well-positioned to capitalize on the hydrogen opportunity and be a leader in the growing global market for hydrogen playing low-carbon hydrogen.” he added.

He continued, “The Department of Energy is engaged in dialogues with all departments, institutions and bodies in Abu Dhabi to achieve positive participation and a common approach to support the development of low-carbon hydrogen technologies.

competitive advantages

Mohammed Abdul Qader Al Ramahi, Director of Asset Management and Technical Services at Masdar, stressed that the UAE enjoys competitive advantages that enable it to become one of the largest producers and exporters of low-carbon and lowest-cost hydrogen in the form of solar energy in various parts of the world Emirates in abundance, in addition to the large areas that correspond to green hydrogen production technologies, as well as the low cost of electricity generated by solar energy.

He explained that in its more than 15-year journey, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) has actively contributed to fostering innovation and its use to diversify the energy mix locally and globally, adding that hydrogen is the most common The element that occurs in it is the universe, and it can be used as a substitute for traditional fuel sources in many areas.

He continued, “Masdar has been working to explore hydrogen production and generation opportunities for more than a decade, and opportunities are currently appropriate to accelerate investment efforts in this technology,” explaining that one of the innovative qualitative initiatives , which Masdar is developing, is supporting Green Hydrogen Innovation: Establishing a pilot plant project in Masdar City, one of the most sustainable cities in the world and a leading R&D complex in Abu Dhabi, to explore opportunities to develop green hydrogen and sustainable fuels.

7 projects

Engineer Nawal Al Hinai, Director of Future Energy Department at Ministry of Energy, confirmed that the UAE is on track to achieve its goal of becoming a world leader in low-carbon hydrogen, with more than 7 projects already underway It is targeting 25% market share in the main export markets including Japan, South Korea, Germany and India, as well as increasing the share of other high potential markets in Europe and East Asia.

The global clean hydrogen market is estimated to be worth between US$400 billion and US$1 trillion and will be an essential vehicle for the UAE’s continued efforts to transition to low-emission energy sources and to capitalize on new domestic growth opportunities.

She explained that the country is already in a good position to become a leader in the clean hydrogen field with natural competitive advantages for both blue and green hydrogen, noting that hydrogen is the fuel of the future and the focus of the UAE, and We are approaching the review of the National Energy Strategy 2050 and are working on the National Hydrogen Strategy 2050 as it is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

“zero carbon”

Engineer Nusaiba Al Marzouqi, Director of Studies, Research and Development Department and Chief Innovation Officer at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure believes the UAE’s announcement to achieve “zero carbon” by 2050 is a testament to the interest and future of wise leadership is a vision to bring low-carbon hydrogen to the global market.

Noting that the UAE’s interest in hydrogen economy development rests on the permanent direction of wise leadership, preparing for the future and taking on global leadership, Nusseibeh pointed out that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, represented through the Department of Studies, Research and Development, has taken proactive steps to meet the country’s goals and maintain its leadership, and that the Department is in the process of establishing a Virtual Research Center to develop studies and research, which support the realization of the “zero carbon” mechanism.

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