The story of a fugitive American wolf tattooed on his arm

The story of a fugitive American wolf tattooed on his arm
The story of a fugitive American wolf tattooed on his arm

The story of a fugitive American wolf tattooed on his arm

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A Russian claimed to be another man named Arthur Knight when he was arrested in Scotland

One of the victims of a man who adopted a new identity and fled to Scotland to avoid rape charges in the United States said she was glad people were seeing who he really was.

The woman, who wishes to be known only by her first name, Marie, met Nicholas Rossi after they chatted online in 2008.

He sexually assaulted her in the basement of the building’s stairs as they went to math class.

Rossi had claimed to be another man, Arthur Knight, from Ireland when he was arrested in Scotland last year.

But an Edinburgh court on Friday ruled he was Russian after learning his fingerprints and distinctive tattoos matched those of the fugitive.

Staff at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital recognized his tattoo while he was being treated for Covid last year.

The US authorities are seeking extradition from Scotland, and Interpol has published pictures of his tattoos and fingerprints in a red notice.

Rossi claimed he was the victim of misidentification and said he was tattooed while unconscious in hospital to frame him.

During the identification hearing, he appeared in court daily in a wheelchair, and his tone changed several times during his testimony.

He is now the suspect in two counts of rape and sexual assault in Utah.

The FBI contacted Mary after the man believed to be Nicholas Rossi was found in a Glasgow hospital.

She told BBC Scotland: “Honestly, I was hoping he was dead.”


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Rossi was identified by the distinctive tattoos on his arms

She said Rossi pinned her to the wall, kissed her hard, touched her and masturbated in front of her at Sinclair College in Dayton, Ohio.

Shortly before the attack, the two met for the first time for lunch with friends.

“It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde,” she said.

“The impression he gave before the attack was very nice,” she added.

Mary said she ran off to her class and Rossi waited for her outside when he was done.

He continued: “He apologized and said I was so beautiful he couldn’t resist don’t tell anyone I’m so sorry and things like that and I just ignore him and go to my math class after that started realizing what had happened, so I went to the police and filed a complaint.”

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Authorities in Utah are now trying to extradite a Russian to the United States

A Russian man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison and registered as a sex offender. After the trial, he tried twice to sue Mary for damage to his reputation.

Mary said she believes Rossi is employing a similar strategy in his extradition case as was used when he was convicted during that trial in May 2008.

She added: “When he was convicted in my case, he knew it wasn’t going to go well, he knew he had already been convicted, so he went into court with his adoptive father, leaning on a stick and pretending , as if he were ill if he lived a hard life, so he was spoiled.” .

She continued, “That was the beginning of the deception phase on his part because he’s now in a wheelchair and suffering from heart attacks and epileptic seizures.”

She said she wanted Rossi to be tried on his other charges.

“He’s trying to fool everyone and I’m glad so many people see him for who he is now,” she added.

“His eyes, that dark hair, there was no doubt in my mind, those hands that were attacking me, I knew the FBI wouldn’t be asking me for help unless they were 110 percent sure he was the man they wanted,” she continued.

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Brian Coogan said he knew Russian under a different pseudonym

Brian Coogan, a former member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives who was once friends with Rossi, said he knew him as Nicholas Alfredian.

He added: “He’s a nasty and bad person.

Rossi was accused of deceiving politicians while he was a teenager in the Rhode Island Parliament.

“These poor congressmen and senators thought Nick was a good guy, they just punched them in the face,” he said.

Kogan said he could recognize a Russian by the scar over his right eye and the distinctive tattoos on his arms.

He continued, “I knew it was him, I’ve known Nick for 22 years, I know him better than anyone.”

He said he feared Rossi was already plotting the escape, adding: “Nick is good at getting away.”

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