The statements by the FIFA President sparked widespread interaction on social media

The statements by the FIFA President sparked widespread interaction on social media
The statements by the FIFA President sparked widespread interaction on social media

The statements by the FIFA President sparked widespread interaction on social media

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FIFA President Gianni Infantino

Statements by FIFA President Gianni Infantino confirming that the World Cup in Qatar will be the best version of the World Cup sparked widespread interaction on social networking sites across the Arab world.

Infantino criticized the attacking campaign against World Cup hosts Qatar.

There was a lot of interaction on the Twitter platform with these comments, as tweeters praised Infantino’s speech and called it historic, while others accused him of supporting the Gulf state without looking at its human rights record.

What did Infantito say?

A day before the start of the World Cup, Infantino said at a press conference in the Qatari capital Doha that Qatar had made great strides in protecting workers’ rights and had become a paragon of tolerance and teamwork.

He added: “Qatar believes in job opportunities for all who come there with the hope of life, and what the workers earn there helps them support their families in their countries.”

He explained: “If Europe really cared about these people, it could have done what the State of Qatar has done by organizing immigration, allowing them to travel to Europe and at least giving them a chance at a better one future.”

He continued: “Europeans should apologize to the people before teaching… Many European institutions are working in Qatar and reaping financial gains.” that this edition “will be the best in history… I am proud of everyone who has worked hard to make this global football event a success.”

Tweeter: fiery statements

Tweeters praised Infantino’s remarks, noting that the West has had double standards with Qatar since it won the World Cup. Mohamed Hassan said the FIFA President’s comments were a blow to the West

Islam Majdi inquired about the European companies operating in Qatar and whether they had discussed immigration issues with the Qatari authorities

Ali Al Thani confirmed that France banned alcoholic beverages near stadiums in 2016 following acts of violence

While the Maghreb acknowledged that European countries have exploited African peoples and are now teaching them lessons in ethical standards

Criticism of Infantino

On the other hand, tweeters criticized Infantino’s statements and accused him of siding with Qatar. One of the tweeters said that these statements are similar to those made by the Qatari government.

Tweeters also accused him of receiving an award for these statements

Abdel-Jalil Al-Saeed confirmed that there are many parties multiplying the merits of the World Cup in Qatar, which is not true

Qandil said the World Cup will not be what Qatar wanted despite the huge sums it has spent

Pier Morgan

In the same vein, famed British journalist Piers Morgan attacked what he called Western hypocrisy when speaking about Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup.

Morgan, in an intervention with the media, Emily Maitlis, indicated that he was going to Qatar to conduct an analysis program for the “Fox” network, adding that the program would be shown in England and the United States and the both teams would compete against each other in the first round of the tournament.

When Mitlis asked him why he went there, he replied: “I find that many of the controversies surrounding sport’s whitewashing of reputation that Qatar is accused of are full of class hypocrisy and based on contradictions.”

If we decide not to organize the World Cup in Qatar, where do we judge it? Are we organizing it in Africa, whose countries don’t allow homosexuality, or in America, where there are anti-abortion laws? Or our country, Britain, which invaded Iraq?

He added: “Are we sane enough to host the World Cup?”

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