The “Science Service” bill is causing controversy in Iraq

The “Science Service” bill is causing controversy in Iraq

Iraqi parliamentarians are to discuss the draft law to reintroduce conscription, which has been suspended for 20 years, in the first reading, which is controversial in Iraq and is seen by some as hopeless.

The text of the law was first introduced in 2021 during the tenure of the previous government. But since then Iraq has had a new government led by Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani and a new parliamentary majority led by the Coordination Framework.

It remains to be seen whether the draft law on the “Science Service” will be supported by a majority of MPs.

Conscription began in Iraq in 1935 during the royal era and ended in 2003, after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

MP Sakfan Sindi, a member of the parliamentary defense committee, said that “the legislation of the compulsory service law is necessary because there are risks related to terrorism in the country”.

The law, if adopted, will oblige any young Iraqi between the ages of 18 and 35 to enlist for a maximum period of 18 months and a minimum of 3 months, depending on the educational level of the person, as explained by the Deputy of the Ministry of Security Defense Committee, Yasser Iskandar and Does.

On the other hand, some people are exempt under certain conditions, in particular the only son or breadwinner in the family.

And when the law was soon introduced, there was a lot of criticism, even from MPs.

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