The G20 summit discusses health, digital transformation and sustainable energy

The G20 summit discusses health, digital transformation and sustainable energy
The G20 summit discusses health, digital transformation and sustainable energy

The G20 summit discusses health, digital transformation and sustainable energy

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo opened the G20 summit in Bali yesterday. Where Widodo welcomed the leaders of the participating countries and indicated that the summit will cover many issues affecting the world. He stressed that the whole world is watching the G-20 summit, so “the summit must be held successfully.”

The summit presidency noted that the agenda will mainly focus on the top three issues related to global health engineering, digital transformation and the transition to sustainable energy, according to the agency.

The “Group of Twenty” is a forum established in 1999 to deal with financial crises and represents two-thirds of the world’s trading volume.

The group includes: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia from the Asian continent, South Africa from Africa, Argentina and Brazil from South America and the United States of America, Canada and Mexico from North America, in addition to Russia and Turkey also includes Australia, UK, France, Italy, Germany and the European Union from Europe.

Regarding the G20 summit outcome, there is a tendency to take a strong stance against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as a senior US official said the United States expects the G20 to stop the Russian war in Ukraine Ukraine and its impact on the world condemn economy at the end of the meeting of the heads of state and government in Bali. The official told reporters that most of the countries in the group agreed during talks over the days of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The US official said the G-20 summit’s final statement will include strong condemnation of “most” member states of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“I think you will see that most G20 members unequivocally condemn Russia’s war in Ukraine, and they regard this war as the main cause of tremendous economic and human suffering in the world,” said the official, who spoke with reporters at the condition spoke anonymity.

Draft final statement

The draft final declaration of the G20 summit in Bali showed that the participating countries, including Russia, will denounce the economic impact of the Ukraine war, which most member states condemn. The draft denounces the disastrous effects of the Russian war on Ukraine and calls for an extension of a deal with Russia that expires on Saturday allowing Ukrainian grain exports.

“This year we have also witnessed the additional negative effects of the war in Ukraine on the global economy,” the draft reads. She added that the countries attending the summit “emphasized our national positions,” while “most member states strongly condemn the war in Ukraine…it causes tremendous human suffering and, first and foremost, exacerbates the fragility of the global economy.”

The draft noted that there are “other viewpoints” stating that “the G20 is not the platform dedicated to resolving security issues,” but member states recognize that security issues “have significant implications for the global economy be able”.


The document, which must be approved by leaders of the group’s countries before being officially released at the end of Wednesday’s summit, warns that “today’s era should not be an era of war.” She also says the use or threat of nuclear weapons is “unacceptable” after Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted at the possibility of using them in Ukraine.

On the sidelines of the G20 summit, French President Emmanuel Macron called on Beijing to pool efforts against the war in Ukraine as he began his meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

“We need to join forces to respond to a global crisis like Russia’s war in Ukraine,” Macron told Xi after shaking hands and starting talks between them.

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