The European Union is considering adding the Revolutionary Guards to the list of terrorism

The European Union is considering adding the Revolutionary Guards to the list of terrorism

The European Union is considering adding the Revolutionary Guards to the list of terrorism

Informed sources revealed to the correspondent of the channels Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath in Brussels on Friday that delegates from the member states of the European Union are discussing the possibility of including the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the European terrorist lists several options aimed at increasing the pressure on the Iranian authorities in response to the continued crackdown on protests and the use of the death penalty to intimidate protesters.

According to the sources Germany has been proposing for some time to include the Revolutionary Guards As a whole, it is on the European terror list. The sources added that the Netherlands and the Czech Republic support the German proposal.

France could present a proposal in this regard at next week’s assembly of delegates, as a prelude to the meetings of European foreign ministers later.

According to the sources, delegates are discussing the possibility of passing a fourth package of sanctions against Iran, to be released after the foreign ministers’ meeting on Monday, January 23.

The same sources indicated that the issue of adding the Revolutionary Guards to the European terrorist lists would take some time to research and consider due to the legal, political and diplomatic aspects.

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The news comes a day after Secretary of State at the UK Foreign Office Leo Docherty told Parliament on Thursday Britain is investigating the classification of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terrorist organization but has not yet taken a final decision in this regard.

“It would be wrong to speculate on the outcome of the study that the government is currently conducting on this issue, and it is a study that is being conducted seriously,” Docherty said during a discussion of the situation in Iran in which some members called for a ban the Revolutionary Guards demanded.

He continued: “But I can say that I believe that the invitations to all corners of this council and the unity with which these invitations are addressed by all parties is taken into account by the government and that is something that we are with take great joy measure of attention.”

In the event that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are classified as a terrorist group, this means that belonging to them, attending their meetings and wearing their logo in public places will be classified as criminal offenses in the UK.

Notably, the Revolutionary Guards are already under British sanctions.

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