The Biden Documents: US Attorney General Appoints Special Attorney To Investigate Case

The Biden Documents: US Attorney General Appoints Special Attorney To Investigate Case

The Biden Documents: US Attorney General Appoints Special Attorney To Investigate Case

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Biden says the documents weren’t lying on the street

US Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to investigate President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents.

Accordingly, Robert Hoare, a former senior Justice Department official during Trump’s presidency, will be tasked with investigating the Biden document case.

Secret documents were recently found at Biden’s home and in an office he used after leaving the vice presidency during the Barack Obama administration.

According to the White House, some documents were found in the garage of Biden’s Delaware home.

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Robert Hoare was a senior Justice Department official during Donald Trump’s presidency

The documents include records from former President Obama’s administration, when Biden served as his deputy, according to a statement from Biden’s attorney, Richard Sauber.

Informed sources speaking to CBS, the BBC’s affiliate in the United States, said the Justice Department’s inquiry involved questioning a number of witnesses who are believed to have knowledge of how the secret documents were handled.

Biden’s attorney said the latter is fully cooperating with the Justice Department to ensure the relevant documents reach the US National Archives.

The discovery of the documents caused political embarrassment for President Biden. This coincided with investigations into allegations that former President Trump misused classified files.

Last August, FBI agents raided a Trump home in Florida and seized about 10,000 documents that the former director of the National Archives did not release.

Biden told reporters Thursday morning officials were notified by his attorneys immediately after the discovery of the first batch of documents at the Bain Biden Center in November.

Biden added that the additional documents that were found were locked in a garage next to his Chevrolet Corvette sports car and “they (the documents) were not dumped on the street.”

“People know I take classified information very seriously,” Biden said.

Biden noted that during his tenure as vice president between 2009 and 2017, his attorneys returned to other locations where the documents were held after finding the first batch of documents. Biden confirmed that attorneys completed the order Wednesday night.

Biden now faces questions about whether the newly discovered documents contain sensitive information that could threaten national security.

Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy referred to the timing of the announcement of the discovery of the documents.

McCarthy said, “They knew about the documents before the election, but they kept it secret and hid it from the American public.”

As James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said, “Democrats no longer have one-party rule, so accountability is coming.”

The committee launched investigations into the president and his family, including a request for the White House to release documents and notices related to the documents.

Under US law, access to classified documents is restricted to authorized individuals and there are rules for their preservation and retention.

It is understood that all White House documents, including confidential documents, will be returned to the National Archives in the United States upon the termination of a presidential administration and their departure.

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