Sudan.. Political steps towards a final solution

Sudan.. Political steps towards a final solution
Sudan.. Political steps towards a final solution

Sudan.. Political steps towards a final solution

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The pace in Sudan is accelerating to complete steps towards political agreement, which began with intense dialogues between the parties and culminated in agreements that could end the situation of political crisis in the country, and a meeting was held on Tuesday evening, described as crucial , between the military component and the Alliance of Forces for Freedom and Change – the Central Council, the results of which have not been announced, but sources confirmed to Al-Bayan that many points were discussed in it, and they will be announced as soon as the discussions on them have been completed, while a meeting in the same direction took place between the components of the Revolutionary Front, which includes the armed movements that signed the peace agreement.

Meanwhile, the head of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan revealed the military institution’s requirements to accept a political settlement, confirming that the armed forces did not sign a bilateral agreement with any party and at the same time emphasize that the unity of the military institution, including rapid support forces, must not be neglected.

Form an alliance

In this regard, the official spokesman for the Revolutionary Front, Osama Saeed, in a statement to Al-Bayan, confirmed that the Leadership Council of the Revolutionary Front held an extraordinary meeting, which lasted two days, at which the draft political declaration submitted by the Parties attending the Bar Association Steering Committee Workshop Success.

He stressed that after studying the draft, the meeting concluded that there were some observations and that a Revolutionary Front committee was mandated to sit with the parties concerned to involve them in order to ensure the signing of the political declaration by the Prepare revolutionary front.

harmonization and understanding

Saeed added that the meeting also discussed the draft constitutional declaration for 2022 and the military component’s observations on it, as they provide an acceptable basis to build on and a process for harmonization between it and the initiative of the Revolutionary Front that it presented last March, which led to a series of comments on the transitional structures and the Juba Peace Agreement for Sudan, noting that these comments are with the Alliance of Freedom and Change Forces to be discussed, the Unionist Alliance, the Popular Congress Party and the Ansar al-Sunnah Muhammadiyah group to come to an agreement on them.

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