Spanish village for sale for 260,000 euros

Spanish village for sale for 260,000 euros
Spanish village for sale for 260,000 euros

Spanish village for sale for 260,000 euros

Many people dream of selling their property and moving from crowded cities to villages, but how about buying an entire village?

Salto de Castro in northwest Spain is for sale at a price of 260,000 euros (£227,000 – $259,000), according to the BBC.

The village is located on the border with Portugal in the province of Zamora and is a three-hour drive from Madrid. It has a range of buildings that you would expect to find in a small Spanish town. This includes 44 houses, a hotel, a church, a school, a municipal swimming pool and even a building that used to house the Civil Guard.

But what just isn’t found in the area is the population. Salto de Castro has been abandoned for more than three decades.

The owner bought the village in the early 2000s; With the aim of turning it into a tourist area. However, the eurozone crisis prevented the system from thriving.

“The owner dreamed of owning a hotel here, but the whole project has been put on hold… He still wants the project to come to fruition,” said Ronnie Rodriguez of Royal Invest, the company representing the owner.

On the Idealista website showing the property, the owner, who is in his 80’s, says: “I want to sell the village; Since I’m a city dweller, I can’t maintain the area.”

The village has attracted interest, with over 50,000 visits since it went up for sale at this price a week ago.

Rodriguez said 300 people have expressed interest in the purchase, with inquiries from Russia, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He said a potential buyer has already set aside money to book.

Salto de Castro was built by the Iberduero energy company to house the families of the workers who have been building the adjacent reservoir since the early 1950s.

However, residents moved away from the site after the project was completed, and the village was completely abandoned by the late 1980s.

The surrounding area is part of what is known as “empty Spain” (sparsely populated rural areas lacking many of the services found in towns and cities).

The village has previously been put up for sale for up to €6.5million and without a buyer, the price has fallen sharply.

The asking price is currently 260,000 euros, which is just about enough for a one-bedroom apartment in the affluent areas of Madrid or Barcelona.

But the final buyer of Salto de Castro may need a large sum, at least to attract visitors.

According to Idealista, “the investment required to make the village 100 percent habitable and generate profits will not exceed two million euros.”

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