Saudi-China Summit: Warm reception for Xi Jinping versus Biden’s tepid reception – The Independent

Saudi-China Summit: Warm reception for Xi Jinping versus Biden’s tepid reception – The Independent

Saudi-China Summit: Warm reception for Xi Jinping versus Biden’s tepid reception – The Independent

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The Saudi Crown Prince receives Xi Jinping

British newspapers published on Friday morning discussed several issues of interest to the Arab reader, including how the player Messi became a global language, gathering fans from around the world at the World Cup in Qatar and the growing risks towards immigrants, in addition to the Chinese President’s warm welcome to Saudi Arabia, reported by Independent Online in a report by Urban Ray.

The report says that Jinping’s reception, which began with Saudi fighters escorting his plane while it was still in the air and belching out white and green smoke symbolizing the kingdom’s flag, coincided with US President Joe’s lukewarm reception Biden received a few months ago.

The report adds that a number of Saudi honor guards escorted Jinping’s convoy in his car while they rode their horses until he reached the royal palace in the capital, Riyadh, where he found the crown prince and de facto ruler of the country, Mohammed bin Salman awaits him with a big smile and a handshake.

The report adds that this indicates the Kingdom’s alignment with China and expanding partnership with it at a particular time in the Middle East when the United States is trying to maintain its influence while China is trying to reverse the equation and reverse its influence to consolidate in the energy-rich region.

The report quotes political scientist Ian Bremer as saying that “Saudi Arabia and China” are the last two parties “who see each other as partners in the fossil fuel supply and demand equation”.

He added that this matter also represents a closer bond between the two countries than between the Kingdom and the United States in the short and medium term, and much investment is expected between the two countries during this peak period. visit level.

The report quotes Zhongguan Zoe Liu, a researcher at the International Institute of Political Economy, who confirms the visit was at the invitation of the 86-year-old Saudi monarch, King Salman, adding that the king did not limit his invitation to that only visit, but expanded it to invite Jinping to a summit conference, an expansion of Arab-Chinese relations and another summit of relations between China and the entire Gulf Cooperation Council.

The report continued, quoting the researcher as saying, “We can confirm that Jinping’s visit comes at a time when Saudi-American relations are witnessing a kind of bitterness and a breathtaking decline.”

“unprecedented violence”

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Since 2017, the number of migrants illegally deported from Europe has risen to over 25,000.

The Guardian published a report by its Brussels correspondent, Jennifer Rankin, entitled “Migrants face unprecedented rise in violence at Europe’s borders”.

According to the report, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers are beaten and sexually harassed before being unlawfully turned away from Europe’s borders, according to the Migrant Rights Monitoring Network, Border Violence.

The report shows that activists interviewed more than 733 asylum seekers in 2021 and provided them with harsh testimonies about the suffering of more than 16,000 migrants, bringing the number of migrants illegally deported from Europe since 2017 to more than 25 thousand people .

And the report goes on to say that migrants were beaten and arrested in large numbers by police officers in filthy and cramped places when their asylum claims were ignored or ridiculed, according to just 5 percent of migrants surveyed in 2021, during their deportation not to have been subjected to “excessive violence”.

The report states that international and European Union law grant the right to seek asylum and prevent the forced deportation of migrants from borders, considering it a war crime.

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You can say it directly to Messi fans in Qatar because they wear his shirts

The Times published a report by sporting director Owen Sloat from the Qatari capital Doha entitled “Messi is a legend in Qatar so we went to his fans.”

Sloat says the question is who are you cheering for? In sport, that’s common and common, but sport changes very quickly, “because here in Doha, when we ask who you support, the answer isn’t England, France, Manchester United or something like that, but they answer that they say Messi, we are here.” Let’s support Messi.”

And he continues: “So we went to Souq Waqif to understand and it’s the place that’s a social hub for the World Cup and you can tell Messi’s fans directly because they’re wearing his shirts.”

And the journalist continues his report, pointing out that it took no more than 36 minutes to count 50 people wearing the Messi shirt in Doha, and that happened on Wednesday, a day when none Games were taking place and many fans were walking after the end of the first round and the elimination of their teams while the other fans arrive who came to watch the playoffs.

Slot stops by some of the Messi fans he’s met, including a young man and his sister from Lebanon, who say they don’t support Argentina but strongly encourage Messi, and the same goes for Sabir, the 70-year-old Indian fan. who explicitly encourages Messi, but he also encourages Brazil as a team.

Slot separates the fifty fans he met, noting that among them 20 fans were from Argentina and 8 from India, while the rest of the nationalities varied between several countries, most of them from the Middle East and North Africa, in addition to two teachers Philippines, and two from Japan. , an information systems engineer from China, and finally Hwan, a 7-year-old boy from the South Korean capital of Seoul.

It seems Messi has become a universal language, says Sloat, but how can you speak that language? One only has to declare his total devotion to him, as one Jordanian fan proudly said: “I don’t support Messi, I love him. and I would die for Messi.”

Slot points out that this matter could be a new sports culture for celebrities, as most of these fans came from countries that don’t have teams that usually compete for major championships, and I haven’t found a single fan from any European country who here says he encourages Messi.

But he concludes: “It’s Messi’s language and that’s why they can speak it all over the world.”

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