Russia and Ukraine: ‘Poland’s missile’ raises concern and raises tough questions for NATO – The Guardian

Russia and Ukraine: ‘Poland’s missile’ raises concern and raises tough questions for NATO – The Guardian
Russia and Ukraine: ‘Poland’s missile’ raises concern and raises tough questions for NATO – The Guardian

Russia and Ukraine: ‘Poland’s missile’ raises concern and raises tough questions for NATO – The Guardian

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Smoke rises in a Polish region near the border with Ukraine

British newspapers discussed the impact of a missile crash in Poland and the impact of the results of the US midterm elections on the United States and former President Donald Trump.

And we start with the opinion page in the Guardian newspaper and an article by Carolina Wigora and Yaroslav Kwes about the fears that became more frequent in Poland after a missile fell on its soil.

The article notes that if the conflict in Ukraine rewrote the history of Central and Eastern Europe, so did the history of NATO.

The authors say that two people were killed on Polish territory on Tuesday after being hit by what appeared to be a Russian-made missile.

US President Joe Biden and the Warsaw government sought to de-escalate tensions, saying on Wednesday the missile most likely did not come from Russia but from Ukraine’s air defenses.

According to the article, for Poland, as for all NATO member states, especially those living in Russia’s shadow, the question remains: what if this incident or a similar incident turns into a premeditated Russian operation? What protection can you expect from the United States and its other NATO allies?

The authors say that under Article 5 of the NATO treaty, an armed attack on one ally is considered an attack on all.

But they wonder what constitutes an armed attack? What does NATO solidarity mean in practice? They conclude that the answer that Poland and other smaller NATO members, as well as the Kremlin, are learning is that it then depends on the case.

The article assumes that the possibility of a Russian missile accidentally or intentionally falling on Polish territory or on the territory of one of the Baltic states has existed since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis.

At what point, the authors ask, can a NATO member claim that it must invoke Article 5 because of a violation of a member’s territorial integrity?

They say Russia has violated Scandinavian airspace in Denmark and Sweden many times, but NATO’s red lines appear to be changing when a global armed and nuclear conflict is likely.

According to the article, collective fear has awoken throughout Eastern Europe because of this war. The recurring nightmare, he adds, is that Russian forces and weapons will once again breach Poland’s borders, as they have done several times over the past 300 years.

The authors say that in a poll conducted after Russia invaded Ukraine, 84 percent of Polish citizens said they feared the war could spread to Poland.

“Abandon Trump”

We turn to the Financial Times, which ran an editorial entitled, “It’s time for Republicans to abandon Trump and what he stands for.”

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According to the newspaper, Donald Trump had hoped for a great success for him and the Republicans in the midterm elections. But it didn’t turn out that way. GOP interim results were poor, thanks in part to Trumpian candidate burnout.

The newspaper says the former president proved a danger to American democracy when the House of Representatives committee on May 6 reported violence.

She pointed out that there are other realistic and compelling reasons for the party to sidestep the candidate who is no longer a winner. Republicans had an opportunity to bring down Trump after the Jan. 6 attack on Congress.

She noted that Trump’s candidates in last week’s midterm elections lost in almost every major Senate or gubernatorial election they ran. And in the most competitive House of Representatives, Trump-backed candidates have underperformed.

The newspaper says that while Trump is still popular among the Republican base, it is the behavior of more independent voters that will decide the election.

She adds that Trump’s motive for running for president in the upcoming election isn’t that he’s adamant he can win, but partly to protect himself from potential indictments stemming from various federal investigations.

A blood test can lead to early detection of breast cancer

We turn to a report in The Independent entitled: “Blood tests can lead to early detection of breast cancer.”

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According to the report, a team of researchers concluded that a simple blood test that detects changes in a group of proteins can detect breast cancer two years before diagnosis.

The scientists concluded that a blood analysis focused on a group of six proteins that can show higher or lower levels up to two years before breast cancer is diagnosed.

The researchers said their findings, presented at the 13th European Breast Cancer Congress, “could provide the basis for blood tests in people with a genetic predisposition or family history of breast cancer” to ensure early diagnosis and treatment.

He adds that the study included 1,174 women in the Netherlands who are at high risk of developing breast cancer because of their family history or because they carry genetic variants associated with a higher risk of breast cancer.

In the 10-year study, the women underwent regular breast examinations and blood tests.

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