Russia and Ukraine: Kyiv denies the deaths of 600 of its soldiers in a Russian bomb attack

Russia and Ukraine: Kyiv denies the deaths of 600 of its soldiers in a Russian bomb attack

Russia and Ukraine: Kyiv denies the deaths of 600 of its soldiers in a Russian bomb attack

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Russia claimed to have bombed a city that had been under attack by Russian forces since the beginning of the war

Ukraine has labeled Russian allegations, which related to the deaths of hundreds of Ukrainian forces as a result of Russian bombing, as “propaganda”.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced without any evidence that it had launched “massive rocket attacks” on the eastern city of Kramatorsk, killing 600 Ukrainian soldiers, according to the Reuters news agency.

Moscow claimed the attack was part of a Russian escalation in response to the Christmas Eve attack by Ukrainian forces on Russian military barracks in the occupied Ukrainian territories, which killed a large number of Russian forces.

But the Ukrainian army said what Russia announced was not true.

“We are facing a new act of Russian propaganda,” Serhiy Sherevaty, a spokesman for Ukraine’s military, told the BBC.

The Russian Defense Ministry said it killed more than 600 Ukrainian soldiers in the bombing of buildings used by the army as temporary housing for soldiers.

Two buildings in Kramatorsk are used by Ukrainian Armed Forces as temporary headquarters for soldiers.

The ministry described these attacks as “retaliatory strikes” aimed at responding to the killing of 89 Russian soldiers in Makeivka. However, the Ukrainian side confirms that around 400 Russian soldiers were killed and wounded, while Russian nationalists on social media put the number of victims of the Ukrainian bombing at hundreds.

Russia has so far provided no evidence that it has killed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers.

A journalist from the French news agency confirmed hearing four explosions in the eastern Donetsk region before midnight last Saturday.

Various parts of Ukraine also saw further bombings on the night after the end of what Russian President Vladimir Putin described as a unilateral 36-hour ceasefire to allow Orthodox Christians to celebrate Christmas. But there is evidence that the Russian armed forces did not honor this ceasefire.

Ukrainian officials said at least one person was killed in the northeastern city of Kharkiv.

Explosions were also heard in the cities of Zaporizhia and Melitopol in western Ukraine.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said Ukraine had released 50 prisoners it took from Russian forces after negotiations, while Ukraine confirmed it had recovered an equal number of its prisoners with Moscow.

The head of the local authority in Kramatorsk, Pavlo Kirilnikov, said earlier that the Russian missiles aimed at the city hit a school, a factory and a parking lot, but claimed no lives.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian bombardment of the Donetsk region resulted in severe damage to two thermal power plants in the region, according to initial reports from the Moscow-appointed Ukrainian governor, which also said the attack left several injured.

Serhiy Hayday, the governor of Luhansk, told Russian television on Sunday that the region had witnessed fierce fighting and Russia’s deployment of the best-prepared combat troops and heaviest military hardware in the city of Kremina, suggesting the move was significant could be that the Russians are slowly retreating in the region.

He added that the temperature in the region is dropping to 15-17 degrees below zero, leading to an increase in combat activities as the hard snow makes it easier to move heavy equipment.

Reuters said the sound of shells could be heard on deserted streets in the city of Bakhmut, but could not verify the source of those shells.

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