Russia and Ukraine: Darkness falls over most of Kyiv after Moscow bombed power plants

Russia and Ukraine: Darkness falls over most of Kyiv after Moscow bombed power plants
Russia and Ukraine: Darkness falls over most of Kyiv after Moscow bombed power plants

Russia and Ukraine: Darkness falls over most of Kyiv after Moscow bombed power plants

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Shops open by candlelight in a town near Kyiv after the bombing of energy infrastructure

Seventy percent of districts in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv were hit by power outages Thursday morning as efforts continued to restore the city’s water supply.

The Russian bombardment, targeting power plants, caused power outages across Ukraine.

Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv, said energy companies are making efforts to restore power as soon as possible.

Winter began with snow and sub-zero temperatures across Ukraine.

And the city of Kyiv this morning witnessed the spread of dense, wet fog, which obscured the view of neighboring buildings and the headlights of cars were the only source of light.

Many citizens resorted to workplaces as a refuge from the cold due to the availability of some heating, unlike apartments.

However, many in Kyiv accept the difficulties as a fact and are looking for ways to overcome them as people resort to installing power generators for emergency power.

The availability of drinking water is no longer guaranteed, even before the most recent rocket attack yesterday.

“Light always triumphs over darkness,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy defiantly wrote on social media.

The Russian occupiers would never understand that, he said, “they’ve been living in the dark for a long time.”

Lviv Mayor Andrei Sadovy said that his city in the west of the country saw the return of electricity, water and heating after a complete blackout.

He added that parts of the city are still experiencing partial power outages.

For weeks, Russia has been bombing Ukraine’s power grid, making blackouts a routine part of everyday life for millions of Ukrainians.

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Russian attacks on power plants caused power outages in most parts of Kiev

There was a significant disruption in phone communications in the capital, Kyiv, and many were struggling to make voice calls.

In addition, residents of high-rise buildings could not cook without electricity, and online ordering became a challenge due to the unstable service.

Although the city’s water supply has been restored, thousands still have no drinking water and supermarkets cannot accept card transactions.

Zelenskyy said the problems arose after 70 rocket attacks on Ukraine on Wednesday.

Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky added that 10 people were killed, as well as the urgent closure of three nuclear power plants.

Officials said the stations would be back up and running by Thursday evening, which would help resolve supply issues.

More than half of neighboring Moldova was without power, but much of the capital Chisinau was restored to power within hours.

The country’s foreign ministry reportedly summoned the Russian ambassador and issued a statement condemning the “serious consequences” for Moldova of Russia’s “brutal bombing of Ukraine.”

In a speech to the UN Security Council, Zelenskyy accused Moscow of committing a “clear crime against humanity”.

He said millions of people were left without heating, water or electricity because of the “terror” spread from Moscow.

The World Health Organization had warned that the country was facing a humanitarian catastrophe with power outages in hospitals.

After Wednesday’s bombing, a hospital in central Ukraine had to use generators and doctors performed two kidney transplants.

The British Ministry of Defense has accused Russia of using Iranian-made drones to attack medical facilities in Ukraine.

Moscow’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, said his country’s strikes on energy and other infrastructure were aimed at “destroying the military potential of our adversaries.”

He pointed out that the infrastructure is being used to supply Ukrainian military units with Western weapons.

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