Rocket fire at a US base in Al-Shaddadi, Syria

Rocket fire at a US base in Al-Shaddadi, Syria

Rocket fire at a US base in Al-Shaddadi, Syria

The US military announced early Saturday morning (Syrian time) that two missiles struck a US patrol base in northeastern Syria, but resulted in no injuries or damage to the US base in Al-Shaddadi.

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He added in a statement that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces inspected the launch site of the two missiles and found a third missile that was not launched.

The American announcement came after the Syrian regime’s media reported that several rocket shells of unknown origin had fallen on the American base in the city of Al-Shadadi, south of Al-Hasakah.

3 explosions

Kurdish news agency Hawar reported that three blasts were heard near the town of Al-Shadadi near the Syria-Iraq border.

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that explosions were heard near the American base in rural Al-Hasakah, suggesting the area is experiencing repeated attacks from ISIS cells.

US Forces in Syria (AFP)

3 main rules

It is noteworthy that the US Army and the forces of the international coalition against ISIS are stationed at three main bases in the northern countryside of Hasaka, the first being the base of the village of “Tal Baidar”, about 35 kilometers north of Hasaka. and includes a heliport and heliport and is on the international motorway (M4).

The second is located on the hill of the village “Al-Qasrak”, about 3 kilometers from the first, on the west side and includes dozens of soldiers of European nationalities, including French and Italians.

The third base is the “Al-Wazir” rest house, located in the Hamat al-Hasakah region near the western dam. It is the largest US Army base in the region and the second largest in Syria after al – Omar Oilfield Base in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

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