Qatar’s loss to Ecuador is carried by the goalkeeper, players and coach

Qatar’s loss to Ecuador is carried by the goalkeeper, players and coach
Qatar’s loss to Ecuador is carried by the goalkeeper, players and coach

Qatar’s loss to Ecuador is carried by the goalkeeper, players and coach

The Qatar national team made an unexpectedly disappointing start by losing to their Ecuadorian counterparts in the opening of the 2022 World Cup by two goals with no reaction as Al-Annabi failed to perform as expected in the encounter that took place on their country and in Presence of more than 60,000 spectators at Al Bayt Stadium, although they provided all the opportunities to present themselves. The team performed well in the opening game of the World Cup.

The athletes assured Emirates Today that the coach and players bear the responsibility for Qatar’s defeat by Ecuador, noting that the second-round clash with Senegal will be a “crucial point” in the host nation’s journey, stressing that Al-Annabi’s chances are difficult to forgive the group stage.

Sports analyst Majed Al-Falasi said that the Qatar national team put themselves in a difficult situation, adding: “The loss is possible, but the level presented by the team is totally unexpected, especially as there may be psychological pressure and awe on the The player gives side, but for the first 20 or 30 minutes.” Not the whole game at the latest, as (Al-Annabi) didn’t do anything worth mentioning throughout the game.

He added: “The team has participated in many tournaments in preparation for the World Cup, such as the Copa America and the CONCACAF championship, which gives the players the necessary experience to play these types of games, especially since the preparations and of the whole atmosphere are in the interest of the team, but on the spot the players were weak».

He continued: “Ecuador are a very good side and have an excellent coach and dealt with the meeting positively, while I see that Qatar’s position has become difficult and the next confrontation against Senegal will be more difficult and the same in the third round against the Netherlands.”

For his part, sports analyst Hamza Abbas confirmed that there are no excuses for the players of the Qatar national team to justify the poor level that the team presented against Ecuador in order to perform better.”

And further: “The players have been preparing for a long time, so you can’t say that it’s due to a lack of experience, because the team played a lot of international matches in preparation for the World Cup, but in addition to the poor performance, there were also mistakes in the team Goalkeepers and the player contributed to the defeat.”

Noting that Qatar’s task to qualify for the second round is difficult, he said: “The blame is on the players and the coach, especially since the Qatar Football Association and the officials have provided all the factors to help the team to perform well. and I see that Qatar’s task of progressing through the group stage has become difficult, especially since the next two games are against Senegal and the Netherlands and they are strong contenders for the two tickets to qualify for the round of 16 to fight.

On the other hand, sports analyst Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al-Khudairi said that the Qatar national team missed an irreplaceable opportunity to get a good result in the opening of the World Cup, suggesting that Al-Annabi will finish the first round, to enjoy his participation for the first time in his history at a World Cup.

He explained: “Despite the long preparation time of the Qatar national team, their players could not keep up with the Ecuadorian national team, who played the game with great concentration and in a distinctive way that gave them superiority, especially since the South American national team relied on fighting spirit and playing strength, because Football is a job for the players.”

And he added: “The national team of Qatar is not used to the great pressure from the fans and it is the first time that they participate in World Cup competitions, moreover, the preparation time that the team went through was deceptive Despite the large number of international matches, contested by each player of the team, but on site. In reality, the team is taking part in the tournament as the host country and has not qualified after the pressure of World Cup qualification.

He concluded: “I expect that (Al-Annabi) will play his games against Senegal and the Netherlands with the aim of enjoying his participation in the World Cup, given his chances of winning the two games and having the most success low, the team will be able to at least score goals or get a draw in a game.”

Majid Al-Falasi:

“Loss is possible but the level presented by the team was totally unexpected.”

Hamza Abbas:

“There are no excuses for the Qatar national team players to justify the poor level.”

Muhammad Al-Khudairi:

“Qatar will go through the first round to enjoy the World Cup.”

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