Putin’s ceasefire declaration in Ukraine lacks credibility

Putin’s ceasefire declaration in Ukraine lacks credibility

Putin’s ceasefire declaration in Ukraine lacks credibility

That said the EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Friday Russia declared a unilateral and temporary ceasefire In Ukraine he “lacks credibility” and considers the move “hypocritical”.

“The Kremlin totally lacks credibility and this unilateral ceasefire declaration lacks credibility,” Borrell said during a visit to Morocco.

“Doubt in the Face of Hypocrisy”

He added: “It was Russia that launched this illegal aggression. When the aggressor speaks of a truce, I think the answer that comes to mind for all of us is questioning in the face of such hypocrisy.”

Borrell called for “concrete field steps”, including “the complete cessation of military attacks”.

He also added: “In the absence of concrete steps of this nature, the unilateral ceasefire appears to be a Russian attempt to buy time to regroup its forces and attempt to restore its damaged international reputation.”

From the Russian bombing of Kyiv – Reuters

The first truce of its kind

The temporary ceasefire announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin was due to begin at 09:00 GMT on Friday and would be the first full ceasefire since Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in February 2022.

But the two sides exchanged fire in cities in the east of the country on Friday, despite Putin’s unilateral order for his forces to halt attacks for 36 hours.

Borrell said Russia is using “propaganda” to blame European sanctions for high food and energy prices.

“That’s completely wrong. It is the Russian army that destroyed grain elevators, mined fields, destroyed roads and blocked Ukrainian ports,” he said.

The Russian attack on Ukraine, which is important for global agriculture, caused food prices to rise to a record high for the rest of 2022, according to the United Nations on Friday.

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