Protests in front of the largest iPhone factory in China

Protests in front of the largest iPhone factory in China

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Mass demonstrations took place Wednesday at the iPhone factory in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou, the world’s largest maker of these phones owned by Taiwanese company Foxconn, according to videos posted on Twitter and its Chinese counterpart, Weibo, on Wednesday.

In particular, the scenes showed crowds of workers walking on a street during the day, confronting riot police and people in white isolation uniforms.

The factory is located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, central China.

One of the live streamed videos shows dozens of workers demonstrating at night, chanting “Let’s defend our rights” in front of rows of police officers and a police vehicle.

Other scenes show the remains of a charred gate that appears to have burned in the night.

Other clips show a worker putting down a metal barrier while the person filming the video yells, “They’re attacking!” and “Tear bombs!”

The hashtag #Foxconn unrest was apparently blocked on Chinese social media on Wednesday afternoon, although some comments on the protests were posted.

Foxconn is a huge conglomerate that assembles electronic products for many international brands and is the prime contractor of the Apple group.

In recent months, the Taiwanese company has faced a rising number of Covid-19 infections at its massive Zhengzhou site, which employs more than two hundred thousand people who are usually housed on site.

And Foxconn decided to cover the site and the workers in it with a stone. However, hundreds of them then fled the site on foot.

The Taiwanese group is the largest private employer in China, employing more than a million people in about thirty factories and research institutes across the country.

Foxconn has not responded to questions from AFP at this time.

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