Prince Harry’s diaries in bookstores after days of leaks

Prince Harry’s diaries in bookstores after days of leaks

Prince Harry’s diaries in bookstores after days of leaks

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Prince Harry’s diaries in London libraries

London bookshops opened their doors at midnight to meet demand for Prince Harry’s memoir, which has officially gone on sale.

Fans who have queued to get a printed copy of the book say they want to hear the story “from the mouth of the owner.”

The official sale of Spears’ book begins after the leak and sale of a few copies in Spain last week.

Waterstons said Prince Harry’s book was “one of the most requested titles in 10 years”.

The famous bookseller chain opened its company store in Piccadilly, central London, early Tuesday, expecting huge demand for the book, which has been published in some 16 languages ​​around the world.

Other branches in different parts of London, such as Euston, Victoria, Heathrow and Gatwick, intend to extend the opening hours of their doors to meet popular demand for the book.

And the electronic version of the memoir became a bestseller on Amazon in the UK after days of exciting leaks, including the story of Prince Harry’s first sexual relationship and his claim that his brother William assaulted him.

Prince Harry’s memoir is 410 pages long and reveals the differences and tensions between people within the royal palaces, in which he speaks from his point of view about his upbringing and then his difference with the royal family.

So far, there has been no response from Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace.

But Prince Harry claims in his memoirs that he begged his father not to marry Camilla, that he killed 25 Taliban fighters while he was in the British Army in Afghanistan, that he used hallucinogenic drugs and that the relationship between Megan and Catherine was tense.

One of the main themes in the book is his inability to process the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, as he says he developed “post-traumatic stress disorder”.

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Prince Harry opens up about differences with his brother Prince William

Prince Harry, in much of his promotional dialogue for the book, blamed the press for hounding Princess Diana and personally hounding him, saying that he will devote his life to changing the media landscape.

The notes contained unexpected details, including that Prince Harry and Prince William called themselves “Harold and Willie,” that Prince Harry bought his clothes from discounter TK Maxx, and that he watched a lot of the TV series Friends.

And Prince Harry says he found out about Queen Elizabeth’s death on the BBC site and not from the family.

Shows of gratitude in the book did not include a number of members of the royal family. While the prince sent “special thanks” to friends in the UK who “were standing by him despite “adversities”, he added that he would “return the favour”.

Harry said psychotherapy helped him overcome “years of trauma”.

The stories of tensions within the royal family have sparked much controversy, particularly with Camilla, Princess and Prince of Wales.

When asked whether publishing the memoir would help or hinder reconciliation, he replied that the rift between him and his family had deepened before the book was published.

“There are things that piss me off, but I’m not mad anymore because we’re right where we’re supposed to be,” he told Good Morning America.

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