Operations in Syria and Iraq will not be limited to airstrikes

Operations in Syria and Iraq will not be limited to airstrikes
Operations in Syria and Iraq will not be limited to airstrikes

Operations in Syria and Iraq will not be limited to airstrikes

Turkish media reported that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country’s military operations in northern Syria and Iraq will not be limited to just an air strike and that talks will be held on the involvement of ground forces and that the “claw sword” operation will continue, and we will do what is necessary by air and land.

Erdogan told reporters after returning from Qatar that Turkey’s General Staff and Defense Ministry will jointly decide on the participation of ground forces, as reported by TRT and CNN Turk.

“There is no question that the military operation will be limited to the air operation and we will make the decision and the step regarding the size of the ground forces to join the operation,” Erdogan said, according to the local Haber Turkish Channel .

Erdogan added that he has not held talks with US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin about the “claw sword” air operation, stating that “Turkish security authorities decide and take action”. We’re not waiting for anyone’s permission, and the United States should know us well by now.

Erdogan stressed that the “claw-sword” operation will continue and we will do what is necessary on land and in the air.

According to the governor of Gaziantep province, two people were killed and at least six injured in a rocket attack from Syrian territory on the Turkish border town of Qarqamish.

Governor Daoud Gul wrote on Twitter: “Five mortar shells were fired at the center of Qaraqamis. Two of our citizens died and six were injured, two of them in serious condition.” Pictures released by Turkish media, including the official agency Anadolu, showed smashed school windows and a burning truck.

According to Anadolu Agency, the shells targeted a secondary school and two houses, as well as a truck near a border crossing that connects Qaraqamish with the Syrian city of Jarabulus.

Rockets from Syria hit a Turkish border crossing on Sunday, injuring eight people, two Turkish soldiers and six police officers.

On Sunday morning, Ankara announced the launch of a military air operation against Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq, a week after the bloody attack in Istanbul. Both Kurdish parties denied any role in the attack.

The Turkish raids targeted areas under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the governorates of Aleppo (north) and Al-Hasakah (northeast), particularly the city of Ain Al-Arab (Kobani), from midnight Saturday, Sunday until the early hours of the morning the border with Turkey.

The Turkish attacks mainly targeted the city of Ain Al-Arab and its surroundings (north), grain silos in the western countryside of Al-Malikiyah, and a power plant in the southern countryside (northeast).

And after its warplanes launched dozens of airstrikes against Kurdish militants in Syria and Iraq early Sunday morning, Ankara announced overnight that its military air operation, which it dubbed “clawed sword,” was marked by “success.”

In Syria, the attacks killed 35 people, most of them armed, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, while Kurdish fighters announced the killing of 10 civilians. The bombing targeted border areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, whose backbone are the Kurdish People’s Defense Units, particularly the towns of Kobani (north) and Al-Malikiyah (northeast).

In the city of Al-Malikiyah, thousands of people coming from several villages and towns attended the funeral of 11 people killed in the raids that destroyed a power plant, including the Hawar Agency correspondent dealing with the Kurds is linked to Autonomous Administration, according to an AFP correspondent.

While the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the killing of one of their militants, 11 civilians and 15 members of the Syrian armed forces, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the killing of 35 people, including 18 members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kurdish security forces and other armed groups linked to them , in addition to 12 members of the Syrian Armed Forces.

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