One person was killed after two blasts targeted two bus terminals in Jerusalem

One person was killed after two blasts targeted two bus terminals in Jerusalem
One person was killed after two blasts targeted two bus terminals in Jerusalem

One person was killed after two blasts targeted two bus terminals in Jerusalem

One person was killed and 14 others injured in one of two blasts yesterday that targeted two Jerusalem bus terminals, and no one claimed responsibility for them while the “Hamas” movement blessed them.

An explosion occurred at a bus station on the west exit of Jerusalem, killing one man and injuring 11. Then a second explosion happened at another station nearby, injuring three people and damaging a bus, according to a local hospital.

Police said the two blasts took place half an hour apart, noting that mine experts at the scene were “gathering evidence and searching the area for suspects.”

An AFP photographer at the scene said the blast punched a hole in a metal fence behind the bus station and confirmed the second blast shattered one of the sides of the bus.

Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem announced the death of a 15-year-old boy from injuries sustained in the first blast, while rescue teams treated one other person in critical condition, along with two serious injuries and two minor injuries.

For its part, Hadassah Medical Center said it was treating six people from the same blast, including moderate injuries and five minor injuries. The hospital is also treating three people who sustained minor injuries in the second attack.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said the boy’s name was Aryeh Shobak, while Canadian Ambassador to Israel Lisa Stadelboer confirmed he had Canadian citizenship.

“A miracle happened,” said the driver of the bus on which the second explosion occurred.

“I was on the traditional morning bus route,” driver Motti Gabbay told Army Radio. “I got to the bus stop at Ramot Junction and it was full.”

He continued, “As I was leaving the station, I heard the sound of the explosion, the doors opened and people started running away.”

After meeting with security leaders, outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid briefed his designated successor, Benjamin Netanyahu.

At the conclusion of the security assessment, Lapid offered his condolences and the government’s condolences to the boy’s family, believing that he was killed “simply because he was Jewish”.

Lapid assured the “citizens of Israel”: “We will reach them and they can run and hide. That won’t help them, the security forces will reach them. If they resist, they will be killed or we will use the force of law against them.”

A security source said the bombs were remotely activated and suspects are being sought.

Police confirmed it was a “double terrorist attack” with explosive devices planted at the two bus terminals.

In statements to the local Kan channel, Aidan Elloz, a spokesman for the Jerusalem Police, urged residents to return to normal everyday life despite these difficult events.

The attacks came amid talks to form a new coalition government in Israel led by Netanyahu.

“We need to form a government as soon as possible,” Itamar Ben Gvir, leader of the Jewish Power Party, a key Netanyahu ally, said after visiting the site of the blasts. “Terror doesn’t wait.”

For its part, Hamas welcomed the two bombings: “We congratulate our Palestinian people and our people in the occupied city of Jerusalem on the high-quality operation at the bus station,” Hamas spokesman Abdel Latif al-Qanou said in a statement.

The White House condemned the bombings “unequivocally” and said in a statement: “We regret the loss of life. The United States stands by Israel.”

The UN peace representative for the Middle East, Tor Wiensland, condemned the “terrible terrorist attacks”. He said on his Twitter account: “Terrorism and violence against civilians can never be justified.”

The European Union’s ambassador to Israel, Dmitry Tzanchev, spoke of “terrorist attacks that have left him with a feeling of shock”. On his Twitter account, he expressed his “deepest condolences to the families of the victims and I wish all those injured a speedy recovery,” adding, “Terrorism is unjustified.”

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s office confirmed that he is holding consultations with the head of the Internal Security Service (Shin Bet) and senior military officials. The Shin Bet confirmed it was the first two blasts since 2016 and 34 bomb plots have been foiled since earlier this year.

For its part, the Israeli army, through the Office for the Coordination of Civil Affairs in the Occupied West Bank (COGAT), announced “the closure of the Jalama and Salem border crossings in the Jenin region” to the northern West Bank following the two blasts.

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