On the day of knowledge, the banner of glory, a flicker, overshadows the poems of the poets

On the day of knowledge, the banner of glory, a flicker, overshadows the poems of the poets
On the day of knowledge, the banner of glory, a flicker, overshadows the poems of the poets

On the day of knowledge, the banner of glory, a flicker, overshadows the poems of the poets

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On Flag Day, poets recited verses of poetry singing the praises of the nation’s flag and its status, which was a symbol of glory, elevation and pride for the citizen and resident. This day is a national day in which individuals and institutions are interested around the occasion to celebrate by proudly raising the flag on their buildings.

On this glorious day, even children are bragging about the occasion, wearing dresses adorned with the colors of the UAE flag. While radio stations and television stations sang patriotic songs written by Mahaj, and the poets’ hearts were filled with love for their homeland, pride in its achievements and pride in its fluttering flag.

Today, poets participate in this special occasion, Flag Day, with poetic verses that celebrate the human and patriotic importance represented by the nation’s flag.

Because knowledge in our soul is a destiny and a place

At home, a symbol of majesty and grandeur

He has a permanent place with us

And it’s got stability, it’s got footing and it’s got solidity

Doom, home will remain their pride and security

Stand tall in the shadow of leadership and elders

Maryam Al Naqbi

In the heaven of glory flutter, O science

They are a symbol of our pride over the years.

We raise you above the sublime and the peaks

You see us proud all the time..

In the height of glory we will call you a drawing

When the Star of Yah shows your colors

Amer Al-Shibli

You were raised high

Exalted among the nations

Oh science, oh dear

you are the heartbeat

Mirage Sharjah

To flutter and fail in heaven, O science

You are a symbol of life and peace

With you we lifted our heads and sang determination

To stay high above the clouds

In your colors, honor, patience and values

Tolerance, contentment and respect

Ali al-Kaabi


Oh teach us a shelf in Aali Smak

Spread your colors on all the stars

Good morning or good night

You have a covenant and freedom in its covenant is necessary

Avin and may we protect you

And you flutter from the eggs of the clouds

Let the envy of home know how much you are

The sublime tyrant in all moments

Abdullah Abdul Rahman bin Noaman Al Kaabi

O knowledge among the planets, you have a place

Your banners flew and the stars rose

Oh we know you were in an eyeball

Our blood and our souls are without you

Our promise to be kept at all times

And loyalty that we renew to you every day

Muhammad Ali Al Naqbi

O this cloth that tends the masts

Who is of good standing honors his soil?

He chokes on the wind, Ezz and Imari

In his men who are like them


Everything that degenerates is the answer of the downpour

He has a position in every civilized forum

And in every court is glory in his side

Ahmed Al Zaroni

In the clouds you have a shadow and a place

O the knowledge of Dar Al-Mayamin Al-Qurum

For Capricorn and Sohail seduced you through the mummy

Post your reputation on shining stars

Where do you relax, peace sings you?

And the lightning shines in the stars

Glory to God and glory to God

And redeem our souls if need be

Jamal Al-Shaqsi

We hoist a flag in which everyone knows us

Our address, the principles of which are clear

Flag of the Emirates of generosity, our pride

We sing your hymn to the stars and sing it

And in the note of the ribs for you we played

The most beautiful hymns sublime meanings

It is enough for you that you represent our country

And your colors are the embodiment of its attributes and territories

Ali Al Ameri

Raise our flag up and pass the zucchini

And our souls will redeem you, O our flag

Your love is empowered and implanted by conscience

And you are the flag high above us

When the sky is your home and the Russians are proud

May my lord protect you, may we not be executed

Your enemy will block him and without you he will feel

And I will die without you, oh ghala, who poisoned us

Saeed bin Ghammad Al Rashidi

And raises the flags and flags of the country

Be proud of him (peace be upon him) through the ages

Everything that beats with the pulse of the heart

You have awakened pride and joy in you

Asmaa Al Kaabi (Sense of Integrity)

For us, science is a symbol for all times

We raise it and usher in its glory

As long as your honor endures, knowledge and security endure

We all brag about you among the people

Celebrate unleashed glory

The chandelier has a position high up

Their tails are raised high

Raffle with Glory, O Al-Toud Al-Hammam!

soft kaabi

I’ve lived it now from my childhood

He is the crown of my head, proud and resplendent

This is the love of my heart, pride and beautiful conversation

The morning hymn, her breath and the most beautiful kindness

Another day than the joy of Eid and Eid

We raised the flag and glory be glory

Poet Qumra

Raise our flag above the clouds

Dress us in an extravagant robe

Tell is the meaning and people of posterity

About a banner that matters to the people and for their account

I tweet my poems and write his book

On a unique day we meet him with a warm welcome

On the day of knowledge we have an answer

We shoot the birds of glory, they flock in flocks

The poet Hamda Al-Awadi

O science… show heaven all the pride

That you flutter and rain through presence

Rack.. and take a vow from your loyal people

He will protect you in the sky, on the land and in the seas

Whoever painted it sticks like pictures

And you’re a piece, put halon on

You are the history of people and the most precious life

And you are the heartbeat and the feeling of feeling

Ahmed Obaid Shalshoul

Oh teach us a shelf and a waffle in our room

And write your glory on the face of the galaxy

You are like a star in High Samana

Your homeland is the glory of the Arabs, for God’s sake

The country is expensive and it’s honest and true

We preserve it in air, sea and land

Salem Mohammed Al-Kaabi

Our flag fluttered and the hairs and their weights soared

And the sea of ​​rhymes radiated its splendor and potential

And Happy Glory Day, Nawana

And he created a lot of art and perfected his art

And the homeland sang with pride, and her melodies were adorned

And glory flies with a symbol that has its content

The day of a union that transcends its destiny

And the march of Manar Al-Ezz manifested in his pride

Nayla Al Ahbabi

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