North Korea launches an ICBM

North Korea launches an ICBM
North Korea launches an ICBM

North Korea launches an ICBM

North Korea on Friday launched an ICBM, the latest in a record string of missile launches in recent weeks, according to the South Korean military, as Seoul and Washington expect Pyongyang to prepare for an upcoming nuclear test.

A defense official said South Korea’s general staff “believes North Korea launched an ICBM,” without elaborating.

Japan also confirmed the rocket launch and described what happened as “completely unacceptable,” said Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

“The ballistic missile launched by North Korea appears to have fallen into our exclusive economic zone in western Hokkaido,” Kishida said, describing that missile launch as “completely unacceptable,” noting that there were no reports of damage to ships or aircraft.

“We protested strongly to North Korea. (Pyongyang) repeated provocative actions at an unprecedented pace. We strongly reiterate that this is totally unacceptable,” Kishida said. “Japan, the United States and South Korea must coordinate closely to work towards the full denuclearization of North Korea,” he added.

Notably, North Korea had launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, but that launch appears to have failed, according to Seoul and Tokyo sources.

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