No kidding with Mask.. His first victim is a famous comedian

No kidding with Mask.. His first victim is a famous comedian
No kidding with Mask.. His first victim is a famous comedian

No kidding with Mask.. His first victim is a famous comedian

Despite his pledge about a week ago to uphold and promote “freedom of expression.” TwitterAfter becoming its owner and also confirming that “comedy”, irony and pranks are permissible and legitimate actions on the platform, Elon Musk apparently struck with an iron fist.

He announced this in a series of tweets on his account TwitterToday, Monday, the Blue Bird announced a new policy, announcing a severe change that it has begun implementing.

The American billionaire explained that the famous platform will ban and remove any account impersonating someone else, after Twitter witnessed a wave of criticism and sarcastic jokes launched by comedians, writers and other famous people to oppose to protest the purchase of the social networkimpose an “8 dollar price”. On verified accounts in the last few days.

As the Tesla boss, who has previously stressed on more than one occasion that he is opposed to a permanent ban, said: “From now on, any Twitter account will be permanently banned for identity theft without the account owner stating that it’s just an identity theft account.” parody acts.”

No kidding with Mask.. His first victim is a famous comedian

Kathy Griffin

He also added that, as usual, there would be no prior warning in the event of such a breach.

His first victim

As for the first victim of applying this change, comedian Cathy Griffin, who changed the name of her account, which is followed by about two million people, to “Elon Musk” Vogel, sparking a new wave of criticism against Musk.

sarcastic answer

Elon returned, however, and in a sarcastic comment on a tweet from an American journalist, confirmed that Griffin’s account was suspended for posing as a “comedian,” suggesting it’s neither funny nor funny.

To come back and explain that she can retrieve her account for $8 which is the price he plans to impose on the blue marked verified accounts in the coming days.

Notably, in June 2017, Griffin caused a stir and a crisis with former President Donald Trump after she appeared in a picture with his head covered in blood, sparking a wave of criticism against her and later causing her to burst into tears During a press conference at the time, she emphasized that she felt her career was over and that Trump had ruined her.

Especially after her corporate sponsors also lost their jobs, including her role as co-host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration with journalist Anderson Cooper.

Trump said the photo of Griffin looking like him with the bloodied head was “disgusting” and hurt his family, particularly his 11-year-old son Barron. Donald Jr., Trump’s eldest son, has urged employers to fire the comedian.

“I don’t think I have a future anymore. I’m honest.[Trump]broke me,” said Griffin, a two-time Emmy winner known for her comedic style.

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