Musk defends blue badge plans on Twitter

Musk defends blue badge plans on Twitter
Musk defends blue badge plans on Twitter

Musk defends blue badge plans on Twitter

Musk defends blue badge plans on Twitter

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk yesterday defended his launch of a paid subscription service for verified accounts, which has faced heavy criticism.

“Documentation at scale democratizes journalism and empowers people’s voices,” he wrote on Twitter, responding to concerns from companies, advertisers and even the United Nations that fear the rise of hate speech and disinformation on the network.

Under the new plan, by paying eight dollars a month to subscribe to the Twitter Blue service, users can get the network’s famous authentication token, which says the account is verified.

Currently, this feature is only available to eligible accounts like socialites, an approach Musk dubbed the “Lords and Peasants system.”

The social network on the iPhone already points to the new service, but the launch has been pushed back to Wednesday, the day after the US midterm elections, according to the New York Times.

Describing the app update, Twitter said: “The blue tick: power for people. Your account will get the blue tick, just like the celebrities, businesses, and politicians you already follow.”

“Twitter needs to become the most accurate source of information on the planet,” Musk wrote on Twitter Sunday. That is our mission.”

However, many observers fear the spread of fake accounts.

Twitter user Kyle Grantham said Musk’s new policy “allows anyone who gives me money to appear as a legitimate news source, rather than just ensuring that all legitimate news sources are verified.”

Musk has also targeted those impersonating others on the platform, as it appears many people using different versions of Elon Musk had their accounts suspended.

“From now on, any use of Twitter that involves impersonation without the term ‘parody’ is suspended,” Musk added in a tweet, adding that pseudonyms are only allowed so long as users “do not engage in malicious deception.”

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