mourning in Palestine. 17 victims of the Gaza fire from one family

mourning in Palestine.  17 victims of the Gaza fire from one family
mourning in Palestine.  17 victims of the Gaza fire from one family

mourning in Palestine. 17 victims of the Gaza fire from one family

At least 17 members of the same family were killed when a fire broke out during a birthday celebration in an upstairs apartment in the Gaza Strip, a relative said on Friday.

Gaza Strip officials said the fire that broke out in a three-story apartment building in the Jabalia refugee camp on Thursday evening appeared to have been fueled by stored gasoline. They stated that it was not clear how the gasoline ignited and that an investigation was ongoing.

Officials put the death toll at 21, making it one of the deadliest incidents in Gaza in recent years, aside from violence stemming from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The fire destroyed an upstairs apartment in the building where the Abu Raya family lived.

Family spokesman Mohamed Abu Raya told The Associated Press that the extended family gathered for two celebrations – a child’s birthday and an adult’s return from a trip to Egypt.

Abu Raya was speaking at the Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza, where the bodies were being taken and where relatives were waiting for the funeral processions to begin.

Abu Raya dismissed claims that stored petrol ignited the fire and said furniture made from combustible materials likely accelerated the flames.

“The catastrophe was that nobody came out alive to tell us the truth,” he said. I don’t think it was stored gasoline.”

Abu Raya added that the dead belonged to three generations of the Abu Raya family – a couple with five children and two wives with two sons and eight grandchildren. The identities of the remaining victims were not immediately known.

For its part, the Interior Ministry of the Gaza Strip confirmed that preliminary investigations into the fire revealed that a large amount of petrol was stored in a house, which led to the outbreak of the fire.

Mourning for the souls of victims reigned in the Palestinian territories today, Friday, and flags were flown at half-mast at official Palestinian institutions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, at a time when President Mahmoud Abbas described the fire incident as a “national tragedy.”

And the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said it circulated to the embassies and missions of the State of Palestine and today declared mourning and flags at half-mast at its headquarters in mourning and mourning for the victims of the Gaza fire.

The general strike prevailed in Gaza while thousands attended the funeral procession for the bodies of the victims, including at least seven children.
Mourners performed funeral prayers at the “Khalifa” mosque in the center of Jabalia camp, after which the bodies were buried amid grief and shock at the “Martyrs” cemetery in the city of Beit Lahia.

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