Moscow ready for dialogue, urges Americans to ‘bring Kyiv back to negotiations’

Moscow ready for dialogue, urges Americans to ‘bring Kyiv back to negotiations’
Moscow ready for dialogue, urges Americans to ‘bring Kyiv back to negotiations’

Moscow ready for dialogue, urges Americans to ‘bring Kyiv back to negotiations’

Moscow ready for dialogue, urges Americans to ‘bring Kyiv back to negotiations’

His forces control a strategic road in Donetsk and bomb a missile factory and gas production facilities

Friday – 24 Rabi` al-Thani 1444 AH – November 18, 2022 AD Issue number [

A relief distribution center in central Kherson, which Ukraine retook from Russia (AFP)

Moscow: Raed Jabr Kyiv: Asharq Al-Awsat

On Thursday, the Kremlin again announced its willingness to hold a new round of negotiations with the Ukrainian side, accusing Kyiv of withdrawing from dialogue and changing its positions. Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “Ukraine is changing its position on peace talks between the two countries.” He added that he “does not envisage entering into open negotiations with him,” and urged Washington to To put pressure on Ukrainians to force them to return to the diplomatic dialogue table.
Moscow announced its readiness to resume negotiations with the Ukrainian side days after the withdrawal of Russian forces from the strategically important city of Kherson in the south of the country. The Kremlin said that the Ukrainian side deliberately thwarted previous rounds of dialogue and that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s decisions made the task of restoring political dialogue impossible.
Zelenskyy had signed a decree ending dialogue with Moscow while President Vladimir Putin was in power, signaling Kiev’s readiness for dialogue with “a new president of Russia”. Moscow viewed Ukraine’s move as a dodging of dialogue and called Kyiv’s conditions for the start of negotiations, which include restoring control over “the entire territory of Ukraine,” impossible and unworkable. Peskov said Thursday that the United States “is able to address Russia’s concerns and can encourage Kyiv to return to the negotiating table if it so desires.” He added that Ukraine “changed its position on the desire to negotiate with Moscow several times during the almost nine-month conflict, and this cannot be counted on.” Peskov stressed that “Russia is open to negotiations with Ukraine and the Kiev authorities know this position very well.”
The Russian official added: “Every negotiation has goals, and our goals are known. These goals can be achieved either through the special military operation or through negotiations. Russia is open to this and that, and our goals are known. It was brought to the Ukrainian side’s attention in detail during the March negotiations and Ukrainians know it well. In addition, I would like to remind you that the text of the MoU was coordinated and agreed by the negotiators of both delegations. Therefore, the position of Russia and the position of its President are widely known and clear. Peskov stressed that the Ukrainian side regularly changes its positions on the negotiations, sometimes tending to them and other times categorically rejecting them or wanting them in the form of public meetings.
“In fact, as the saying goes, the Ukrainian side changes its position seven times a week,” he said. First they agree to a trial, then quickly decline, then they actually pass a law banning any kind of trial, and then they say they want trials as long as they’re public. According to him, “the Kyiv authorities really do not want negotiations, so the Russian special military operation will continue until it achieves all its objectives.” Negotiations don’t happen that way. All this makes it clear and confirms that the Ukrainian side does not want negotiations. The military special operation goes on and it must achieve its goals. When asked about the level of interest and desire of the United States for these negotiations to take place, Peskov said that this question should be addressed to the Americans.
According to the Ukrainian authorities, several Ukrainian cities have again been subjected to Russian rocket attacks. A severe weather warning was issued across the country on Thursday. Ukrainian officials said Russia on Thursday bombed a major missile factory and gas production plants in renewed missile attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. Blasts were heard in several parts of the country, including in the southern port of Odessa, the capital Kyiv and downtown Dnipro, and civilians were urged to hide from airstrikes.
Local officials in Kyiv said that “two cruise missiles were shot down over Kyiv. Information on any casualties or damage will be clarified” after authorities in the Black Sea cities of Dnipro and Odessa reported that they had been subjected to Russian attacks.
On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that its armed forces “launched high-precision missile attacks that resulted in the destruction of Ukrainian fuel and rocket engine production facilities for the Ukrainian army.” The statement added that the workshops of the “Iskra” research and production complex, which produces Ukrainian components for repairing the Ukrainian army’s radar stations and rocket launchers, were also destroyed. According to the military statement, “Russian forces used preemptive fire to prevent attempts by Ukrainian forces to advance towards Novosilskoye in Lugansk.”
The Kremlin saw the plight of Ukraine’s civilians, who are facing power outages after Russian bombing of energy infrastructure in mid-winter, as a “consequence” of Kiev’s refusal to negotiate with Moscow. “This is the result of the Ukrainian side’s unwillingness to solve the problem, to start negotiations and their refusal to seek common ground,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov replied to a question about the power outages faced by millions of Ukrainians .
On the southern axis of Donetsk, the ministry announced that the strategic road connecting the villages of Pavlovka and Nikolsky in Donetsk has come under full control of Russian forces. The Defense Ministry reported two days ago that after violent clashes, the Russian armed forces “succeeded in completely liberating Pavlovka, and the fierce fighting led to the liquidation of up to 1,400 Ukrainian soldiers.” For their part, the commander of the Chechen special forces “Ahmed” and the deputy commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the Lugansk Armed Forces Apti Alaudinov said that the control of Pavlovka opens a starting point for further advances in Donbass.


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