Midterm congressional elections: Biden and Obama take on Trump to woo voters in crucial Pennsylvania

Midterm congressional elections: Biden and Obama take on Trump to woo voters in crucial Pennsylvania
Midterm congressional elections: Biden and Obama take on Trump to woo voters in crucial Pennsylvania

Midterm congressional elections: Biden and Obama take on Trump to woo voters in crucial Pennsylvania

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Midterm congressional elections: Biden and Obama take on Trump to woo voters in crucial Pennsylvania

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Biden and Obama spoke on the same stage in Philadelphia as they gathered to vote

It’s rare for former US President Donald Trump to send the same message as his predecessor Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden, but that’s exactly what happened when the three were at rallies in Pennsylvania on the same day.

Calling on all American political opponents in the decisive state: Go vote.

While Biden and Obama saw the election as a struggle for democracy, Trump saw the country’s security at stake.

The midterm elections, taking place next Tuesday, are expected to determine which party controls Congress: whether it will be the ruling Democratic Party or the Republican Party, which sits in opposition.

Bipartisan candidates are fighting for 435 seats in the House of Representatives while fighting for just 35 seats in the Senate.

There is little difference between Pennsylvania Democratic Party candidate John Fetterman, 53, and Republican candidate Memet Oz, 62. The appearance of current US President Biden and former President Obama at a campaign rally in the state over the weekend before the election underscored the importance of the state to both parties.

Trump’s victory in Pennsylvania was one of the factors that helped him win the US presidency in 2016, when his message of public anger resonated with working-class voters in the state.

But negative sentiment toward urban-center pragmatism and liberal politics brought the state back to Democrats in the 2020 presidential election, resulting in Biden winning the majority of the vote in the state where he grew up by less than 2.00 percent over its rival.

Speaking in Philadelphia last Saturday, Biden said it was “great to be back in his country” while speaking in support of Democratic congressional nominee Fetterman and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro.

Biden warned the constituents he spoke to that failure to restore Democratic majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives could result in severe restrictions on abortion rights and reduced health care spending.

Although Democrats currently control the Senate and House of Representatives, they are at risk of losing control of the House. They are also fighting hard for a majority in the US Senate, according to the results of the latest midterm election polls.

“Today, here in Philadelphia, which reflects the American spirit, we stand at an important tipping point,” Biden said. “Every vote for Democrats will be a vote for women’s health, gun control, and health care.”

Away from the electoral convention, large numbers of American voters gathered to watch President Biden and his predecessor Obama on the same platform.

Steve Phillips, a Pennsylvania resident, told the BBC’s Sarah Smith he hoped the call would persuade people to vote no matter which party they vote for.

But some of the participants in that crowd confirmed that they came to see Obama and would not have attended this election conference if Biden had been alone on the stage.

The midterm elections to Congress are often viewed as a referendum on the incumbent US President. With Biden’s popularity dropping to 40 percent according to the latest opinion polls, Republicans have a lot of negatives to criticize about the US President’s performance, according to the latest opinion polls, while Americans add to this topic about high inflation and gun ownership in the United States are concerned about immigration.

And about 250 miles from Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania, specifically in the city of Latrobe, Trump stood before state voters and warned that the Democrats’ continued control of the government could lead to increased crime and illegal immigration.

Many gathered hours before the start of Trump’s election convention in Pennsylvania to watch the former US President.

“If you want the safety of your families, you must base every vote on removing the Democrats from office,” Trump said.

“There is only one option – if you want America to wither and fall, vote for the fundamentalist Democrats. If you want to stop the devastation of the country, vote Republican in a giant red wave.”

The former Republican president also reiterated the possibility of his running for the US presidency in 2024 – despite his continued false claims that the US electoral system is witnessing fraudulent practices.

An attendee at Trump’s campaign rally in Pennsylvania told the conservative RSPN he was there to support Trump because he had given us “a life without oppression and without anyone telling us what to do.”

Fears and false allegations of fraud surrounded this round of midterm elections, with many clamoring that the November 8 election would be a test of the integrity of the US electoral system.

“Truth, facts, logic, reason and basic norms of decency are on the ballot, and democracy itself is in grave jeopardy on the ballot,” said Bama, speaking immediately after President Biden.

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