Mice ingest 200 kilograms of cannabis

Mice ingest 200 kilograms of cannabis
Mice ingest 200 kilograms of cannabis

Mice ingest 200 kilograms of cannabis

Indian police accused rats of destroying nearly 200 kilograms of cannabis that they had previously seized and confiscated from drug dealers and stored at their centers.

A court in Uttar Pradesh state said: “Rats are small animals and they are not afraid of the police. It’s difficult to protect drugs from them.” The court asked police to produce the goods as evidence in drug trafficking cases, and the judge cited three cases of marijuana being eaten by rodents.

Judge Sanjay Chaudhary said when the court asked police to produce the seized drugs as evidence, they were told that 195 kilograms of the hash plant had been “eaten” by rats, according to the BBC.

In another case, involving 386 kilograms of drugs, police filed a complaint that “part” of the hash was “eaten by rats.”

Judge Chaudhry said about 700 kilograms of marijuana seized by police were dumped at their wards in Mathura District, “all at risk of rat infestation.”

He explained that the police had no experience with the matter because the rats were “very small”. He added that the only way to protect the confiscated goods from “such brave rats” is to sell the drugs at auction to research labs and pharmaceutical companies, with the proceeds going to the government.

MP Singh, a senior police official in Mathura district, told reporters that some of the marijuana stored at nearby police stations was “damaged by the heavy rains” and was not destroyed by the rats.

In 2018, eight Argentine police officers were fired after blaming rats for the disappearance of half a tonne of cannabis from a police storage facility. However, experts disputed this claim, saying it was unlikely that the animals mixed the drug with their feed and that “if a large group of rats had taken it, there would have been many bodies in the camp”.

In 2017, police in the eastern Indian state of Bihar accused rats of consuming thousands of liters of confiscated alcohol, a year after the state banned the sale and consumption of alcohol.

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