Mexico and Poland… with the slogan of victory

Mexico and Poland… with the slogan of victory
Mexico and Poland… with the slogan of victory

Mexico and Poland… with the slogan of victory



Mexico and Poland… with the slogan of victory

November 22, 2022 at 7:00 am

Stadium 974 World Cup

Abdel Nasser Al Bar

The Mexico national team meets their Polish counterparts as part of the first round of Group C competitions of the 2022 World Cup tonight at exactly 7am at Stadium 974 in the Ras Abu Aboud region – looking for a good start and a start that suits their Readiness confirmed to advance to the last 16 as each team recognizes the importance of the confrontation that can decide who has the best chance of progressing to the knockout roles.

Mexico and Poland have met 8 times before, they were international friendlies, and at the only official meeting between them, the Mexico national team was defeated by their Polish counterpart (1–3) at the 1978 World Cup in Argentina and the Mexican national team did in the first finals matches good record: The North American team has won five times and drawn once in the last six editions of the tournament and managed to advance to the knockout rounds each time.

And the last time Mexico didn’t progress beyond the group stage was at the finals in Argentina in 1978, when they failed to score points in their group, which Poland led and the Mexico national team had known no success on their long journeys with of the World Cup finals, but it has a unique historical record as the World Cup is one of the few countries to have twice won the honor of hosting the world’s greatest soccer event, accompanying Mexico’s best performance at the World Cup finals in 1970, when it hosted the finals on its turf for the first time and for a second time in 1986, when it was eliminated by Germany on penalties, qualifying for the quarter-finals only twice.

The Polish national team is trying to make an impact at the World Cup in Qatar, led by their striker, sniper Robert Lewandowski, who, alongside the Italian duo of Juventus, Arkaidosz Milik and Fuchik, is heavily relying on him to finish the attacks on a positive Chesny, the coach of the national team, who said: “Now I’m calm, I don’t feel any pressure and I’m happy that all the players are healthy and I know what I have and I’ve got over the headache of the election and now we have to go after it working plan.”

And if Poland manages to get through the group stage, it will be the first time since 1986 that they have reached the stages of the elimination rounds, and during that period Poland has failed to qualify for the finals more times than it has qualified for the tournament.

Czeslav Michnievic: We know the Mexican national team very well

Polish national team coach Czeslaw Mishniewicz confirmed that tonight’s encounter against Mexico will be very difficult and said during the press conference: “We have prepared well and made a suitable plan and the team that will play the match is decided , adding: “I hope everyone is ready and I know very well that the media are watching every little thing.” And great and following with great interest the players and the news of the team.

And to his speech a few days ago about the ability of the Polish national team to reach the finals, the Polish national team responded by saying: There are facts that must be taken into account, namely that there are very strong opponents – the presence of Argentina, Mexico and Saudi -Arabia, but because of the players we have, they can reach the goal and we will see what will happen in this group.

When asked about his satisfaction with the players’ physical side, he replied: There are players who haven’t played lately and that will be reflected in the starting line-up and we have high-quality players who are ready for today’s meeting.

Regarding the Mexico national team, he said: I think the Mexico national team is close to the level of the Polish national team and they have good players and we are ready for the game.

Wojciech Chesney: We want to win

Wojciech Chesney, the goalkeeper of the Polish national team, acknowledged the difficulty of playing against Mexico and said in the press conference that it is different to play in the World Cup because you play in a World Cup that has a long history and I do I don’t think about the past and how we qualified and reached the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but I think about today’s game and what’s next.” And the Polish goalkeeper continued, saying: “We know a lot of players in the Mexico national team , and it is an old team that has participated in many World Cup tournaments and has the necessary experience.

Regarding the Polish national team’s ambition in today’s game, he said that our goal is to win, but we have to be ready because the opponent is a strong team and they can beat us too if we don’t know how to play in this important confrontation .

Tata Martino: The World Cup is a star tournament

Argentina coach Tata Martino, the coach of the Mexico national team, said that he wants to achieve better results with the Mexico national team at the 2022 World Cup, and about the offensive strength of the Polish team and how he will deal with forward Lewandowski to compete at the World Cup tournaments Always against the stars Yes, we will face Poland as a team, but that doesn’t stop us from playing against some excellent players.

He added: “We strive to play the three confrontations with the same way of playing and the first match is always difficult and dangerous because of course you don’t know what’s going to happen in it.” He was delighted with the victory The Ecuadorian and Argentinian coach Gustavo Alfaro and about the opponent and the way Poland played: You can say that the tactical aspect changes from one game to another and we will try to find a way against the opponent to play, and after that we will determine how we play.

Regarding the great public presence of the Mexico national team in Doha, he said: “We are happy for this great support and we have a responsibility towards them and we must not disappoint and do our best to achieve the best.” And about the Da das Today’s match against Poland coincided with his birthday, Martino replied, saying that it will be unique and I hope that we will be ready and excited for this important confrontation.

Tata Martino confirmed that the goal of the Mexico national team is to reach the second round of the World Cup, while noting that the task in a group that includes Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Poland is not at all easy will be.

Guillermo Ochoa: We can’t wait to play Poland

Guillermo Ochoa, the veteran goalkeeper of the Mexico national team, said his country is ready to face Poland and he said we know that the meeting will be strong and difficult and that we have to win this important confrontation which will be key to the path to the next ones Rounds and we’re excited for the first game and to do our best and there isn’t a strong and light team and we have to think game by game and then we talk about Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

And he said: “I hope that my fifth participation in the tournament will be the best with the Mexico national team, achieving the goal of qualifying for the round of 16.” And about the experienced Polish goalkeeper, Wojciech Chesny said that he consider him a legend and because he was able to maintain his high level.

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