Manager on Twitter: The storm is coming

Manager on Twitter: The storm is coming
Manager on Twitter: The storm is coming

Manager on Twitter: The storm is coming

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Twitter’s future looks uncertain after a number of engineers left the influential social network who rejected Elon Musk’s new terms of “dedicated, unconditional” work.

Former employees and a slew of US media outlets reported that hundreds of employees had responded “no” to the ultimatum from Twitter’s new owner, who gave them the choice of working tirelessly to “build a revolutionary Twitter 2.0,” or to leave with a three-month severance pay.

Half of its 7,500 employees were laid off by the billionaire’s decision two weeks ago, in addition to around 700 employees who quit over the summer before the takeover was confirmed.

Peter Close, a computer engineer and manager at Twitter, said on his LinkedIn profile: “My friends are gone. To get richer and richer?

Like others who work at Twitter, Close explained his concerns, stating that he “doesn’t hate Elon Musk” and “wishes Twitter to succeed.”

But he explained that only “three engineers out of the 75” who were on his team were left.

He added, “If I had stayed, I would have had to work indefinitely, non-stop, with very little support on complex computer systems that I have no experience with.”

He continued, “We were not involved in a vision or in the existence of a five-year plan, as is the case with Tesla. It is purely a test of loyalty.”

Musk didn’t care about the chaos surrounding him, writing in a tweet Friday morning, “What do you want Twitter to do now?”

He then shared that several suspended user accounts had been restored to the platform, but “has not yet made a decision on[former US President Donald]Trump’s account.”

He wrote again on Twitter: “Twitter’s new policy is freedom of speech, not freedom of access” to the public and promised to reduce “hate tweets” in the future.

On Friday night, Musk launched a new poll titled, “Returning Ex-President Trump? Yes/No.”

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